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Apex Legends gets Mad Maggie trailer, season 12 start date all but confirmed

Published: 07:35, 26 January 2022
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - Mad Maggie
Apex Legends - Mad Maggie

Respawn Entertainment are working on a pile of Star Wars games but it seems like this is not a problem for the regular Apex Legends updates as the new season is just two weeks away.

Apex Legends has been toying with the idea of introducing Mad Maggie as a character for a while now as she played a major part in Fuse's backstory but there was no official confirmation for months. Eventually, Respawn did start teasing her as the new character and Maggie received a new trailer recently.

She is the same old freedom fighter that has gone overboard and believes the ends justify the means, even though the chances of Salvo being free again are slim to none. Maggie's abilities remain hidden for now but Respawn did tease a bunch of other things about the new season.

For example, there are going to be third-anniversary login rewards in Apex Legends, starting from February 8, 2022, and running for three weeks. Season 11 is ending on the same day and while it's not officially confirmed, it's highly likely that Season 12 will start on the same day.

The new season will also bring a new limited-time mode, called Control. It will also stay for the first three weeks of the season. Control will pit two teams of nine players against each other, all of whom already chose their loadouts. It will be similar to Control in Destiny 2 where players will be capturing points across the map, hoping to hold them longer than the opposing team.

Respawn Entertainment recently announced they are working on three Star Wars games, including Jedi Fallen Order 2, but if Defiance is anything to go by, it seems like Apex Legends is not suffering any consequences of divided focus.

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