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Apex Legends: Respawn are buffing Loba's bracelet ability in Season 9

Published: 10:22, 27 April 2021
Respawn Entertainment
Ingame screenshot from Apex Legends, showing Loba holding her bracelet in hands (1s person view)
Loba's bracelet (teleport ability)

Apex Legends' developer Respawn have confirmed that Loba's bracelet ability is getting a buff, in a way that players will now have full movement speed while the bracelet is in the air, and there would be no slowdown when you teleport.

Respawn Entertainment have released a 'Legacy' trailer for the upcoming Season 9 of their hit BR game Apex Legends. The season is packed with a lot of content, but what gamers are probably most interested in are buffs and nerfs for their favourite legends.

Introduced in Season 5, Loba is one of the most picked up legends in both classic duos/trios modes and ranked league mode, and according to developer Respawn Entertainment, Loba is a supporting character with three abilities:

  • Tactical Ability - Burglar's Best Friend: Teleport to hard-to-reach places or escape trouble quickly by throwing your Jump Drive bracelet.
  • Passive Ability - Eye for Quality.
  • Ultimate Ability - Black Market Boutique.

EA Apex Legends character Loba in a desert Apex Legends, Loba is here

Loba's bracelet teleport ability is very useful when in tight situations, or when you just want that higher ground tactical advantage, but it does have some cons too. The animations are slightly clunky, and it slows you down, leaving you exposed when you toss it, and sometimes it doesn't work at all. A lot of players showed their concern over this ability, calling it "broken" even.

All of this could be a thing of the past very soon. Players who are Loba mains will be very happy to hear that Respawn have confirmed via Reddit that buffs are coming in the upcoming Season 9. Loba will now have full movement speed while the bracelet is in the air, and there would be no slow down when you arrive either.

After one user posted his concern will her other abilities get nerfed, Respawn's Lead game designer answered this:

We're not just fixing it (bug fixing that is; there's still the occasional bug with it, but anecdotally from my testing, it went from maybe 3-4 out of every 10 attempts failing currently to maybe 1 in a 100) but we're also buffing it: full movement speed while it's in the air, no slow down when you arrive. Honestly, patch notes can't do it justice; you gotta feel it. I'm a Loba main on live and playtests are night and day.

We can't wait for the new Season of Apex Legends, which is dropping next month, on May 4. 


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