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Among Us gets new update with Roles, Cosmicubes and account linking

Published: 21:25, 09 November 2021
Among Us - Roles and Comicubes update
Among Us - Roles and Comicubes update

Innersloth have just rolled out a huge update for Among Us. Version 2021.11.9 of the game is now live on all platforms, complete with new Roles and fresh cosmetics.

Among Us just got a major new update. Version 2021.11.9 just went live on all platforms. Titled "Role and Cosmicube", the update bosts adjustable Roles, a new store and a fresh progression system.

Among Us - New Roles

The four new Roles will add some chin-scratching complexity and new gameplay options to the social deduction mechanics you think you know. 

 While additional information can be found in the game's Lobby Settings, here’s a quick rundown:

Crewmate Roles:

  • Scientist: Access vitals at any time. Complete tasks to recharge your battery.
  • Engineer: Can use the vents.
  • Guardian Angel: Cast a protection shield around the remaining Crewmates.

Impostor Role:

  • Shapeshifter: Disguise yourself by morphing into any other Crewmate.

As ever, the new Roles are 100 per cent customizable so you can add or do away with whatever you (don't) like, change the probability, and even alter individual abilities.


Cosmicubes are a new way for players to get exclusive cosmetics and show off their shiny gear.

Cosmicubes include:

  • Brand new customization options - free and premium. Visor cosmetics and special nameplates as well as additional pets, hats, and skins.
  • Unlockable cosmetics. The branching Comicube system has your back here: play the game, gather resources, and reap the rewards.  

All cosmetics are purely visual and do not have any effect on gameplay or gameplay options. 

Those who purchased DLC cosmetics from the Steam store will be greeted with an in-game pop up that will explain how to connect the goodies with your account. This can only be done once.

Account Linking, Achievements, and more

All these new items and XP have shined a light on the need for the option to aggregate and link your Among Us account to different platforms. On most platforms, this can be accomplished by logging in, linking, and saving your progress and cosmetics using the same account.

Please read the in-game instructions very carefully to make sure you don’t overwrite the wrong account. There are some new achievements and controller changes in this update as well and they can be found in the full dev log for Among Us update 2021.11.9.

Among Us for Xbox and PlayStation will launch on December 14.

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