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Among Us might require accounts in order to combat cheaters

Published: 19:34, 06 October 2020
Among Us promo image
Among Us promo image

InnerSloth ran into trouble with the sudden rise of Among Us' popularity which brought unsavoury types that thought it would be cool to ruin everyone's fun by cheating. However, the devs are already planning a response.

Among Us is a chill, fun game that lets players engage in a "whodunnit" situation as they float crewmates one by one in order to try and get rid of the impostors. Given the nature of the game, one would think cheaters wouldn't really be present in it but some people just want to watch the world burn.

Hence, cheaters started popping up among us and ruining the fun of everyone else in the lobby just for kicks. While friends can join a random lobby and keep communicating via Discord or some other voice service even after one of them dies, there are cheaters who literally took to hacking the game. 

One good example is a person who changed the names of players in the entire lobby and then proceeded to kill everyone just three seconds in. As you can imagine, this isn't particularly fun for anyone, especially since the cheater suffered no consequences.

It is consequences that InnerSloth will try to impose on those who break the rules and some of them will be setting up an account and report systems . This way, players will be able to report cheaters and devs will actually be able to ban them, effectively preventing them from entering games further.

However, given the low price of the game, it's hard to imagine cheaters stopping after their account gets banned. Then again, the devs also noted they are looking at multiple ways to combat these issues so they may not have laid out all of their cards just yet.

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