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Among Us gets a roadmap with the latest patch

Published: 23:14, 04 November 2020
Among Us wallpaper
Among Us by InnerSloth studio

InnerSloth offered a glimpse into the future of their popular social game, Among Us, just as they released the latest patch that brings quality of life changes.

Among Us devs are currently trying to combat cheating and hacking, some of which appear to be working even after the server changes that the team put out as the first measure against the insecure little cheaters. The team will continue battling the hacks in the future and the devs reassured the players that their devices and data are safe.

The small patch added the anonymous voting option where all votes appear as grey as well as taskbar modes. The "Always" mode will work the way you see the taskbar now, "Meeting" mode removes the bar during meetings and the "Invisible" mode removes it entirely.

Furthermore, comms sabotage will clear the security logs and symbols were added to fix the wires task. Those who like fashion in Among Us will be happy to now that cosmetics have been added to the meeting screen. There are also some unspecified bug fixes that round up the patch.

While the team didn't release an official roadmap yet but they noted some of their priorities that will be the first in line for the introduction. Accounts are on top of the list apparently as they will help combat the toxicity and hacking since players will be able to report offenders.

A new map is in the works and it's apparently bigger than Plus. It will contain new tasks and will be available to everyone.

InnerSloth Among Us promo image Among Us

Translations and localisation will come for additional languages but the devs noted some may be rough at first. With that in mind, they are planning to get professional translations to smoothen things out.

Colourblind support has been added with the patch but the team will keep monitoring how it performs for possible future iterations.

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