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Among Us is now on Epic Games Store with heavy discounts

Published: 00:12, 19 December 2020
Among Us promo image
Among Us

Epic Games Store got InnerSloth to release Among Us on that storefront as well and the game is offering a lot of content for a small price, compared to the base version.

Among Us is one of those hits that we never saw coming, pretty much the polar opposite of what Cyberpunk 2077 turned out to be - expected hit everyone was buzzing about that turned out less than stellar.

Due to this newfound popularity, it was no wonder that more storefronts wanted to see InnerSloth's game on their roster and Epic Games Store snatched the opportunity to get them there as well.

Normally, there is the anti-Epic sentiment because of the exclusivity deals that ultimately detract from the gamers' benefit but there are positive sides as well, such as the Epic coupons.

In the currently running sale on EGS, gamers can claim a game for free or purchase one that they like and they will gain a coupon that will knock $10 off of their future purchases, provided they are $14.99 or more. The coupon works until January 7, 2021, and doesn't have a limit on uses.

However, it is slightly different with Among Us. The game features many editions, one of which costs $14.99 and contains all the skins and pets from the game so yes, you can use the coupon on this one.

With that in mind, you can just go to EGS, claim the free game that is featured on that day, get the coupon and purchase Among Us All-In-One Pack which includes the game and all the cosmetics for just $4.99 which is just one dollar more than the base version. 

It remains to be seen if the devs will fix the issue with the edition and the coupon outside of US though, since European version costs €11.99 and the coupon requires purchases of €14.99 to activate.

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