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Among Us hit an incredible 3.8 million concurrent users

Published: 01:03, 29 September 2020
Among Us - Emergency Meeting
Among Us - Emergency Meeting

Innersloth casually shared a few statistics regarding the player counts for Among Us, which included an incredible number of 3.8 million concurrent users during weekend.

Online multiplayer game equivalent of a "whodunnit" story, Among Us, proved to be a real hit among the gamers, possibly because it relies on the unpredictability of the human factor in order to provide replayability. It has quickly beaten another indie success story, Fall Guys, but it's now clear Innersloth's game trumped many AAA titles as well.

After announcing that they hit " 3 million players across all platforms " during the weekend of September 27/28, 2020, some fans found themselves confused about what the number represented - unique users or concurrent users.

The debate eventually ended when Innersloth confirmed that the number indeed referred to the concurrent players across both mobile and PC. It did not have anything to do with downloads, of which there were over 100 million or even daily active players. There are about 60 million of those.

With numbers like that, it's easy to see Among Us as an unprecedented indie hit since even AAA titles struggle to reach as many players, be it total or concurrent at any given moment. 

It remains to be seen whether Innersloth will need any emergency meetings in the future since they set themselves up pretty well with Among Us.

Considering the team not taking the greedy route, it is safe to assume they have a lot of goodwill left in the community as the content that was meant for Among Us 2 will be incorporated into the existing game.

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