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Almost 10 Years Later, Faker Has His Eyes On Another World Title

Published: 14:34, 03 October 2022

Before the start of T1's Worlds 2022 run, Lee "Faker" Sang-Hyeok talked about his time in NA thus far, which region is the most elite in the world and what it takes to be the greatest player of all time.

When it comes to game practice, teams enjoy taking various techniques. On the long, unpredictable road to progress, there is no lack of perspectives.

While some teams would try to prepare by understanding the opponent, Faker's approach is more concerned with being better than the opponent: "Instead of focusing on adapting to the opponent, we focus on playing our game."

Faker won his first World Championship in 2013. Faker is still entirely focused on winning in 2022. When asked what it takes to be a long-term player, he answered: "It's crucial to preserve a grinding attitude and to maintain your enthusiasm for the game."

Faker is simply that talented. His hard effort and dedication to the game are visible in his performance. Faker doesn't simply want to win; he is confident that he can.

When asked about which region is the strongest, Faker said that LCK is far better than LPL and that he wants to face RNG as soon as possible. 

This sparked a discussion regarding DRX defeating RNG, the team that defeated T1 at MSI. There's a score to be settled between these two teams before Faker can back up his claim.

RNG edges T1 to win 3rd MSI title RNG edges T1 to win 3rd MSI title

Faker's response to practically every question was the same: he wants to win and keep South Korea at the top of League of Legends .  While Faker didn't mind discussing his thoughts on other teams, he also didn't appear afraid or discouraged by any opponent.

Faker will have to push himself beyond his capabilities to win his first Worlds championship since 2016 in order to prove that South Korea is the strongest region in the world and to retain his status as League's G.O.A.T. He knows that, and his aim for this year was very clear: "My sole objective is to win."

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