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Alleged CD Projekt Red dev talks about CP 2077 messy launch and future plans

Published: 07:26, 04 January 2021
CD Projekt Red
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Over the last couple of days, a huge forum post from alleged CD Projekt Red dev is making rounds over the social media and internet. The post reveals details about the development, cut content and future plans in "No Man's Sky Next" style.

Just when we thought that Cyberpunk 2077 launch controversy is dropping off, a new forum post from alleged CD Projekt Red developer has surfaced over on GameFAQs . The post, which includes a ton, and we really mean a ton of details about the development, cut content and many other aspects of Cyberpunk 2077 is yet to be verified so we can't say for sure whether it is indeed legit or not. Keep that in mind before we dive into the leaked info.

The alleged dev says that the company hurt themselves only to keep their investors safe and sound. Apparently, "the developers are now hearing plans of a No Man's Sky Next style comeback due to late June".

The patches which are supposed to fix most of the bugs won't be coming before mid-March, despite the promise from CD Projekt executives, who promised to have several patches, the last one being in February.

Apparently, the developers have already ton a ton of work to bring the game closer to what they initially imagined. "You'd be amazed by how much is already done. That cut content so people finish the main quest talk was all bulls***. Most apartments with Closed (locked) indications used to be lootable, we've scrapped 50,000+ lines of dialogue and I believe the June update will bring a whole lot of cut content back into the game," the leaker wrote in the post.

Interestingly, just like many players assumed after the trailer in 2018, Cyberpunk 2077 had a huge underground part of the city that might see the light of the day at some point in the future.

"There used to be a huge underground part of the city that the public never got to see because it looked ugly to the execs. It was f***ing awesome and felt like the malkavian/nosferatu path on Vampire the Masquerade." 

As for the broken AI, the leaker says the team had written a full AI routine with gang violence in some city parts. A lot of similar things were cut out from the game due to censorship and there was even a side quest where you could infiltrate Max Tac headquarters and hack police officers. Pretty interesting.

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"There was a whole AI routine with minor gang violence in those areas. Stuff you could sit back and watch unfold or directly influence. There was also a lot of drug use with kids that eventually got cut due to inside censorship. There were priests and hare Krishna side arcs that got cut due to censorship. 

Miles wrote a sidequest where a Max Tac officer offed himself and you could take its place but it created such a complex detour from everything tonally that it got cut as well. I hope it comes back because it felt amazing to get into their headquarters and hack s***. You'd see the police trying to operate and breaking down mid-arrest due to your shenanigans."

Last but not least, the leaker reassures fans that the team is working hard to deliver a lot more content and some ideas that were pitched to them by Mike Pondsmith. We suggest you don't get your hopes up just yet though since we don't even know if the leaker is legit or not. 

"Morgan Blackhand's backstory and a nod to the Corporate Wars. The DLC's will add a lot to the crazy and cool ideas Mike gave us when we began briefing the project. You guys should have the complete game by the end of next year if everything goes well."

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