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All Guild Wars 2 Living Story will be free for a limited time

Published: 16:00, 27 April 2021
Updated: 13:21, 27 April 2021
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

One of the biggest entry barriers in Guild Wars 2, the price of Living Story chapters, will get nullified for a limited time next month.

Guild Wars 2 is a free to play game at its base but there are two expansions that can often be bought at bargain prices. Even when you get them, you will still not have access to all the story content though. 

This is due to the Living Story or Living World system that has its own chapters and episodes. Getting all of them can cost more than $50/€50 but they can also be bought with in-game currency, provided you are able to farm up enough. You can see how this is an issue for potential newcomers and how it blocks Guild Wars 2 from an influx of new players. 

All of this stands to change on May 25, 2021, when eight years worth of Living World episodes will be free for everyone. The only requirement is to log in during the promotional period and you can skip on paying the aforementioned value in real-life currency or about 1,282 gold in-game.

Considering that Season 3 and Season 4 contain some of the best story content I've ever seen in an MMO, you would be amiss not to log in during this time and pick them up for free.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Living World - Some of the best content is in the bottom right corner Guild Wars 2 Living World - Some of the best content is in the bottom right corner

Furthermore, playing through this content during the promotional period will grant a voucher that will be used for crafting Legendary weapons in End of Dragons so veteran players should also keep an eye on this event.

On the topic of Legendaries, we are getting a better system for the existing ones as well, along with more exciting news .

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