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Alien: Blackout is a survival horror game for iOS and Android

Published: 21:59, 07 January 2019
Updated: 21:04, 08 January 2019
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Alien: Blackout is a mobile game for Android and iOS coming from D3 Go and FoxNextGames. It puts players in the boots of Amanda Ripley on Weyland-Yutani space station where they have to guide their crew to safety and avoid alien encounters.

Back in November 2018, 20th Century Fox trademarked the title Alien: Blackout which started the speculation about the new first-person shooter game announcement at The Games Awards 2018. Those who expected something like that will be disappointed to hear that Alien: Blackout is in fact, a survival horror mobile game. 

According to the description on the official website, players will have to take care of their crew on an alien-infested space station. You'll guide your crew to safety and avoid encounters with a Xenomorph which will "tirelessly hunt you and the crew".

Players will be able to use the space station's limited power supply to operate a holographic map, cameras and motion tracker. Judging by the description, Alien: Blackout looks more like a crew management game with limited resources and decisions which are tied to your crew's survival.

The developers FoxNext, D3 Go and Rival Game said that Alien: Blackout will have seven levels and unpredictable Xenomorph AI which will lead to tense and "fear-inducing" moments.

This, of course, could be tempting for some players who enjoy mobile games, but others have already shown their disappointment as you can see in the like/dislike bar on YouTube. Comparisons to Blizzard's Diablo Immortal announcement at BlizzCon 2018 are inevitable with questions like "Don't you guys have phones?" and "Is this an out of season April fool's joke?" flooding the comment section.

FoxNetGames Alien:Blackout

Their disappointment is probably even bigger after the official Alien Twitter profile recently shared two teaser trailers which mentioned Amanda Ripley, "untold story" and the Nostromo. This led some fans to believe that Alien Isolation sequel could be announced very soon but this is all there apparently is.

Could FoxNextGames have another Alien project in the works for PC and consoles? Well, it remains to be seen but nothing is officially confirmed at the moment.

Alien: Blackout is a survival mobile game from FoxNextGames

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