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Aion Classic coming to the North America server!

Published: 19:55, 27 May 2021
Bringing back memories with Aion Classic
Bringing back memories with Aion Classic

For 12 years now, Aion has been a giant of the MMO genre, especially in its beginning stages. NCsoft are bringing us a blast from the past with Aion Classic, letting us relive our favorite, nostalgia-filled moments.

Since its release, Aion has been defined by its grindy progression and good PvP. And that's why we love it. In Asia, the game has had massive success, with 3,5 million subscribers in 2009.

Trying to emulate that success, in Korea, Aion Classic was launched, with its original features from 2009, and this move has made it match Guild Wars 2 in revenue, and even today it is keeping up with Lineage 2, based solely on its Korea server.

The grind is a defining trait of a good MMO game, and Aion does not disappoint. With its gear progression being so consistent, having that upgraded armor or sword makes you truly stand out and have a feeling of accomplishment, because you truly have earned it.

NCSOFT Aion character creation screen Aion character creation screen

Aion follows the old-school style of the holy trinity in its Pvp, with the classes countering one another. The game's very well done tab-target system and balanced open world, PvP end game content has proved enough for it to withstand the test of time.

 In that vein, fans will rejoice to find out that, from AionNA's most recent tweet, NCSOFT are bringing Aion Classic to North America. Judging by the reactions, many old fans are planning to hop back into the game, as well as some new ones are joining the hype and will be checking it out.

One drawback of bringing an old game back is that players have aged as well. Many are pointing out that they will most likely not have the time for Aion's grind, however well implemented it is, and are hoping to see some changes made towards reducing the time necessary to level up a character to access endgame content.

As for EU fans, due to Gameforge being the publisher for their region, it seems unlikely that Aion Classic will be coming to the EU region anytime soon. And the game's PvP being so reliant on latency, playing on NA servers might prove to be difficult for most.

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