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Agency contracts now work in GTA Online invite-only sessions

Published: 01:52, 20 December 2021
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Agency computer
GTA Online - Agency computer

GTA Online has a few restrictions in place for invite-only sessions, compared to public ones and it appears that The Contract update wasn't, in fact, meant to have them.

GTA Online's latest update, The Contract, has features missions that can be undertaken from the computer in the player's shiny new office that is located in costly but useful real estate. These missions are not that different from what we've had before but one key difference was that it seemingly discouraged playing in invite-only sessions.

The reason for this was that players found they couldn't start contract missions from the Agency office unless they joined a public session, even though that restriction usually only applies to sell missions. 

Anyway, a few days and one hotfix later, this problem has gone away so if you weren't sure about it by now, you can once again start Agency contracts in invite-only sessions.

Considering that Imani is doing the world a favour by indirectly nerfing Oppressors, doing those contracts in public sessions was probably not that much of an issue either but it's still easier to do them without having to worry about random griefers.

This info was initially discovered on the forums where the players were still not 100 per cent sure whether the inability to start a contract in invite-only sessions was due to a bug or by design.

All of it was cleared up on Twitter, when Rockstar Games unexpectedly communicated with the players in a response to someone else's tweet.

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