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A new game in production stage in the "Indiana Jones" franchise?

Published: 16:45, 18 May 2021
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones has been a cult classic in both the videogame and movie industries in the past century. Following the recent revival of old 1980s era classics, such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones seems to be the next on the resurrection block.

Following a cult classic movie "Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost arc", made in 1981, a new fandom and franchise were created. The movie catapulted its actors into stardom and revived the adventure genre, in both movies and videogames.

The first game published by the title Raiders of the Lost Arc was made for Atari 2600. From then on, the videogame franchise has had over 25 titles, for all manner of gaming consoles and platforms.

Just like the movies, the games have been following the adventures of our favorite archeologist, Indiana Jones, as he uncovers mysteries and conspiracies happening all around us, all the while protecting artifacts and ancient history from destruction.

As previously stated, from its humble beginnings on Atari 2600, the games have gone on to be played on all manner of consoles and platforms, by its growing fanbase. We've adventured along with Indiana in the frozen wastes of Siberia, all the way to the deserts of Africa and the jungles of India. 

n recent years, installations of the game have strayed away from its movie canon, but like many classics, core adventures have been immortalized in LEGO installments, made in 2008. and 2009.

LucasArts The second installment of LEGO Indiana Jones Second installment of LEGO Indiana Jones

In a recent Twitter thread, MachineGames is confirmed to be working on the new Indiana Jones title. As we've seen in recent years, an era contemporary of  Indiana Jones, Star Wars, has made a comeback in cinemas, which made fans hopeful for a final, classic, Indiana adventure. Rumors and confirmations of a 2022. Indiana Jones movie have long been out and about, so a new development in the game world of Indiana Jones is highly anticipated.

As of now, no concrete information about the game is known, except for its confirmed production. If true, the climate for such a game has never been better in recent years, because of the revival of old classics and the already created hype for a new movie, though the fans seem to be on the fence about MachineGames' involvement, due to their long wait for a title such as Wolfenstein III, which is still in development.

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