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Fortnite player flies on Guided Missiles from Junk Junction to Moisty Mire

Published: 19:14, 09 April 2018
Epic Games
Spoof of the Guided Missile from Fortnite converted to a taxi.
Fortnite - Guided Missile Launcher taxi

Epic Games' Fortnite offers many possibilities. Streamer NoahJ456 saw one in flying across the entire Fortnite Battle Royale map on rockets fired from the Guided Missile launcher. Needless to say, he seized the opportunity.

Fortnite's streams offer a variety of entertainment types - competitive gameplay such as Ninja racking up the Victory Royale streaks, memes like the "two-time" Dr. Disrespect and streamers like NoahJ456 who come up with kooky ideas and then turn them into reality. On the video above you can see the first rocket ride ever that crossed the entire map in a straight line, from Junk Junction to Moisty Mire. You can also see the map showing his trajectory for more clarity on the picture below.

The flight took three minutes and 15 seconds from the point where NoahJ456 landed on the first rocket to the moment he landed in the Moisty Mire. This proved to be an effective way to escape the storm or in Noah's case, go straight into it. 

Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royale map showing the starting spot and the landing spot of NoahJ456's rocket flight. Fortnite Battle Royale - NoahJ456's rocket flight map

NoahJ456 is known in Fortnite community as a rather creative player when it comes to weapon experimentation, which has previously led to some spectacular kills. As Guided Missile pretty much screamed "creative murder", NoahJ456 found it to be his soulmate and they quickly became a match made in heaven.

He previously clipped a part of his stream where he was blew two enemies up while riding a rocket himself. While it's not as time consuming or iconic as the cross-map rocket flight, it is certainly an eye candy worth watching again.

All of these Guided Missile riding escapades prompted people in the reddit centered on his rocket flight to crack jokes about Jetpacks' and Hoverboards' addition to the Battle Royale part of Fortnite.

Hoverboards are already present in the Save the World mode but Battle Royale fans have been asking to get it for a while now. As we all know by now, Jetpack was announced in late February 2018 but it is currently shelved due to problems with its implementation.

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