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2K Games change up loot box game in Belgium, Netherlands

Published: 15:43, 24 August 2018
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Of all the countries with sprawling legal systems of whom Hollywood movies are made, it's the Dutch and Belgians who first started putting a stop to predatory gambling practices that are loot boxes, and after Valve - it's NBA 2K's turn.

I know, not many people may share these views, because loot boxes don't really look that menacing to many. Make no mistake though - nobody buys a single loot box and that's that. If you don't believe me, ask your favourite game developer on their opinion of how loot boxes improve your in-game experience and watch them fidget uncomfortably.

Thankfully though, the Belgium Gaming Commission (BGC) and the Dutch Kansspelautoriteit wasted no more time for questions and 2K Games has been made to comply with the countries' legislatives by removing the option to buy NBA 2K's MyTeam packs with real cash.

Note that NBA 2K players will still be able to acquire MyTeam packs, only they'll have to earn them by playing, meaning they'll cost you MyTeam points instead of actual cash. What this basically means is that Belgian and Dutch legal systems have legally forced 2K to convert their MyTeam loot boxes from a pay-to-win to a proper in-game mechanic. 

2K Games took to their website to say that while they do not agree with the decision, they must comply. They did however issue a call to players from Belgium and Netherlands that if they do not agree with these decisions, they should write to their local representatives and express their opinions. For reasons of common courtesy, I will not even comment on this.

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What I will do however is provide of a developer that cares about its customers more than short-term profits. Not long after implementing a feature that randomises your pets' colour pattern in Warframe, Digital Extremes noticed that one player did it 200 times in a row, spending platinum currency to do it.

After realising they've basically created a slot machine, they removed it instantly. And trust me - that paid too, multiple times over, so perhaps it's time that other devs took notice.

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