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Rocket League Season 3 start date, new cars and more announced

Published: 12:02, 29 March 2021
Rocket League - NASCAR Mustang
Rocket League - NASCAR Mustang

Psyonix announced the new batch of content that is coming to Rocket League in Season 3 along with the release date of the game refresh.

Rocket League Season 3 will start on April 7, 2021. 

Psyonix are turning to NASCAR and Formula 1 to bring the new cars for the players to score goals with. Each of them will arrive with their own bundle but there aren't many more details about the vehicles other than the showcase trailer, which you can see below. 

It's a bit odd to see a Mustang racing against an open-wheeler, to say the least. The NASCAR Mustang bundle is expected to arrive in early May while the F1 vehicle is coming about two weeks later. 

Besides those two cars that are based on real-life counterparts, Psyonix will be introducing one of their own as well - the Tyranno. It will be available through the battle pass, which will be revealed in the week leading up to the season start.

Meanwhile, DFH Stadium has been redesigned to include a track and other details that are included in similar arenas in real life. This Circuit venue will be added to Casual and Competitive playlists at the start of Season 3. Players will also be able to use it in Private Matches and Freeplay.

Season 3 will be preceded by an update on April 6 so don't get hyped too early - April 7 is the start date. When the season begins, new Competitive Tournament rewards will be added, marking the start of the new Competitive season. Season 2 rewards will be granted shortly afterwards.

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