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20,000 Fallout helmets recalled due to mold exposure risks

Published: 12:50, 24 September 2019
Picture of a vault dweller holding a T-51b helmet
Fallout 76

Fallout franchise just can't catch a break, even months after all the controversies regarding Fallout 76 merchandise have subsided. This time around, the $150 T-51b helmets have been recalled due to health risks as the merchandise can catch mould.

Fallout 76 was a huge blow to the franchise but while the frustration of getting a sub-par product, stripped of the things fans loved about Fallout games is horrible, at least it didn't pose a health risk to its buyers. Well, those who didn't purchase the Power Armor edition at least.

After merchandise fails that were the duffle kerfuffle and Nuka Dark plastic $80 bottles, it appears that not even fans that got the helmet from the Power Edition are safe.

Chronicle has issued a recall on 20,000 units of T-51b power armour helmets sold at GameStop and customers are urged to call the store they purchased the helmets from and ask for a refund. Meanwhile, the staff are apparently calling any buyers they have contact info for. 

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stated there is "a risk of respiratory or other infections in individuals with compromised immune systems, damaged lungs or an allergy to mold" in the description on

The helmets themselves were not a part of the Fallout 76 Power Armor edition that cost $200 as they were sold separately for $150. While this could be a glimmer of hope for Power Armor edition buyers, the video embedded below points out how similar the products are actually. 

There are some minor visual differences but it remains to be seen how similar the materials are and whether the Power Armor edition helmets are as risky as the ones sold in GameStop. Keep in mind that CPSC didn't issue a recall on these yet.

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