Valheim - things we'd like to see in future patch notes

Published: 12:13, 16 March 2021

Valheim is kicking Greylings and taking names right about now, but being an Early Access title comes with its fair share of bugs and issues the devs will continue to work on until version 1.0 and beyond.

With a large player base of more than 5 million and counting, it's safe to say Valheim is not going anywhere any time soon. That said, the game is not without issues and glitches. After all, it is an Early Access title. This brings us to a wishlist of sorts - things we'd like to see in Valheim's future patch notes. 

Destroying items from the inventory

We already know about the "just throw is out, it will disappear in a couple of in-game days" but we're simply not that fond of littering - even if it is an imaginary world.

Players would be more than happy with an option to instantly delete the unwanted items from the inventory, or better yet, a way to use the rejects in a different way.

This could be letting the players dismantle stuff or even adding some new recipes and blueprints that will use up the more abundant materials. The resin could offer a protective coating to the wooden settlements and the broken hammers and axes could be salvaged to yield an x amount of wood, stone or flint.

FPS drops, terrain lags and stutters

Running through Valheim's amazing world can somewhat be ruined with the FPS drops and stutters. Being just game enthusiasts, not developers, we can't say how hard it would be to fix this problem, but they are surely at the top of the devs' list.


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Building and crafting

While Valheim offers near-endless possibilities for building, the players would like a bit more. Adding different options for roofs and walls could go a long way and spark even more creative builds than the ones we've seen so far.

Crafting options could also be expanded to feature different armour sets and weapon skins. While purely cosmetic, this would result in a more colourful world where no Viking dresses quite the same.

While on the topic of clothing, it can get pretty annoying having to hold the currently equipped armour among the other materials and food in the already limited inventory. A separate set of slots designed for this purpose would be a welcome addition.

The stamina bar

It is a survival game first and foremost, but Valheim's stamina bar does feel too short. The stamina bar could deplete somewhat slower or recharge faster while our Viking is well-rested and satiated.

The build items could also ease up on stamina consumption, at least while we're within earshot of our base of operations.

These are some of the things we'd like to see in Valheim going forward. Now back to playing the game and waiting for this week's patch.

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