Interview: Thunder Tier One - Krafton's realistic military top-down shooter

Published: 11:10, 09 August 2021
Updated: 15:22, 09 August 2021
Thunder Tier One key art showing four soldiers
Thunder Tier One

We talked to Thunder Tier One Creative Director Pawel Smolewski about the game's realistic gameplay, the studio's post-launch plans and the development challenges of creating a top-down PvP shooter.

Thunder Tier One is Krafton's realistic top-down shooter with a unique concept that intrigued many fans of the genre and military shooters. Featuring both PVE and PVP, Thunder Tier One seems to be a unique blend of intense online multiplayer action and a captivating single-player experience. We talked to Thunder Tier One Creative Director Pawel Smolewski to find out more.

What separates Thunder Tier One from other top-down shooters?

First and foremost is the realistic gameplay, fans will need to carefully analyse their surroundings to be successful.

This game also stands out as it isn’t easy to master - it is unforgiving and it will challenge you to make wise choices. You will need to call upon your strategic and tactical nous in order to be successful. 

Another unique thing about Thunder Tier One is how many different ways there are to complete missions, there is no right or wrong way. It is all about finding a strategy that works for you.

Krafton Thunder Tier One Thunder Tier One

Biggest challenges that you encountered when designing a PvP for a top-down shooter?

One inherent challenge with creating a top-down shooter is camera control, and the ability for players to use the camera in an efficient way. Another is tweaking the mechanics to help you detect players that your character is unable to see. As developers, it’s our job to find the best solution to these.

Would you say Thunder Tier One is more PvP or PvE focused?

We always developed the game with a PVE focus in mind, especially with regards to the co-op missions - they are the foundation of the game. However, while developing Thunder Tier One we have found how exciting PVP game modes can be. We are probably focusing on PVE slightly more, but the game can easily be enjoyed as both.

How important was Krafton's support for the dev team?

Krafton’s support has given us the freedom to be able to focus on Thunder Tier One. It allowed us to build a solid foundation from which this game can grow. We also have support from other teams, things like biz side and community support, which has been helpful.

Any plans for post-launch content?

We are still reviewing different ideas we have for the game, but nothing is confirmed yet.

At the moment, the game is confirmed for PC only, any plan for consoles release?

For now we are solely focusing on releasing the game on PC.

We want to thank Pawel for his time and Premier Comms for setting up this interview.

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