League of Legends: Doublelift returns to Team Liquid's main roster?

Published: 14:40, 09 March 2020
Updated: 14:47, 09 March 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends pro player Doublelift on stage
Can Team Liquid return to winning ways?

Team Liquid's performance hasn't been impressive this season as the jungler problems they've had seemed to have transferred across other lanes. Now it looks like they'll put their main AD carry Doublelift back in the roster after benching him for just three games.

Team Liquid is domestically by far the most successful North American League of Legends team in recent years, and apart from TSM's last spring split, no one has come even close to ending their dominance. They've won four splits in a row now - something never achieved by any team before.

Even though their roster is stacked with world champions and LCS MVPs, the jungler problems they've had, caused by Broxah's VISA delay, had a big impact on their sub-par performance in the first half of the season. They are currently sitting in the 5-6th position, tied with Evil Geniuses.

Earlier this month, the team made the choice to bench their starting AD carry Doublelift and many TL fans were worried that their team wouldn't even make the playoffs this split. The famous ADC stated that this decline in performance was caused by a recent sickness and lack of motivation.

But, according to a recent tweet he made, we won't be waiting much longer to see the most successful LCS player back on the stage as he simply wrote: "I'm back". Team Liquid have a 2-1 record since their main ADC left, with their recent loss being mainly caused by a former player and coach Pobelter, as he popped off and carried CLG to victory.

Riot Games League of Legends pro player Doublelift on stage Will we see Doublelift back on stage this week?

Even though his replacement Tactical has put up some good performances so far, averaging a 5.5 KDA and having a solid CSD (creep score differential), one loss seemed to be enough for Team Liquid to pull the plug and bring Doublelift back to the main team.

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