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Published: 23:45, 11 May 2020
Updated: 23:59, 11 May 2020
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The month of May is filled with a bunch of interesting and quality games being released for the Nintendo Switch. The list includes games to suit all tastes and preferences.

The Nintendo Switch has recently been on a roll, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons selling over 13.4 million copies in the first six weeks following its release. Despite it being the consoles fastest-selling title on release, its resounding success should not overshadow the upcoming releases. 

In the coming days, the Nintendo Switch will see the release of many new titles and the list of releases gets better as we get closer to the end of May. 

May 12 will see the release of two titles that are a straight-up retro blast from the past. Huntdown is an 80s themed 16-bit action-packed side-scroller that has all the makings of a good time. 

Jet Lancer, a high-velocity aerial combat scrolling shooter packed with fast-paced gameplay and big robots. Both games have a retro style that might be a good nostalgia kick to when games were simple and fun. 

Coffee Stain Huntdown cover photo Retro Goodness

May 13 will get three titles and it will be a mixed bag. Island Saver is an educational first-person adventure game in which you go around saving the world from plastic waste. A good concept which could educate the future adults about the world crisis we are creating and the importance of recycling. 

Second on that list is She Sees Red - Interactive Movie. Although technically a movie its more aimed at the people looking for a storytelling experience in which they can choose the way it plays out, a perfect fit for those who can't stand how illogical movie characters in horror movies can be. 

Lastly for that day is Super Mega Baseball 3, a cartoony baseball simulator for fans of the sport and those who want to test their reflexes. 

Next up is May 14, the biggest day for releases of the month, a whopping 10 titles will be sent flying in your direction. And to start off flying we have Satazius Next, a scrolling shooter, you could say its reminiscent of Gradius III at the first glance, which could be good news for the old souls among us. 

Storybird Sazazius Next cover photo The speedy shooter

Released side by side is Armed 7 DX another scrolling shooter, the same description goes, minus the “reminiscent of Gradius III” part. 

While we are still in the air, let us change our perspective to top-down and look at Wolflame, a bullet-hell action arcade, there isn’t much to be said about a bullet-hell type game except that there will be bullets and it will probably be hard as hell, not a problem for those who like a challenge. 

Landing with a crash we are thrown into Carnage: Battle Arena, a game that has so many genres that its easier to just sum it up in a few words: a racing game where you can crash stuff to win, well depending on which game mode you chose. 

Staying on the wheels, let's race over to TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2, a racing sport simulator made for people who like motorcycles, probably a good fit for anyone looking for some serious fun on wheels, it also comes with a preorder bonus of Ducati 900 Mike Mailwood 1978 and the Pro Newcomer pack but mind you it is a full-price title. 

Nacon TT Isle Of Man Ride On The Edge 2 cover photo High octane fun

After all that high octane fun, one can get hungry, and that's why next up is the Cooking Simulator. And it is just as the title says a cooking simulator, not much else to be said. If you like cooking and you like simulators this is a perfect game for you. 

While in first-person let us continue down the path of exploration Kholat, an adventure with horror elements. Inspired by a real event, the Dyatlov Pass incident, it will probably be most suited for those who like to get spooked on their own dime. 

Moving from spooky to odd we have Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, an action-adventure platformer where Abe and Munch reclaim the last gabbit eggs. If that last part didn’t tell you the everything you want to know, then oddly enough we are in the same boat. But a weird, action game with a fun story would be a good fit for everyone looking for some fun and laughs. 

And for those who detest laughter, you can sit down and have a try on Ion Fury a real old school shooter, not just old school, back to the beginning old school. For those who think the new Doom could use just a few more pixels and a few less vertical spots, here’s a game that will give you everything you wanted, maybe. 

At the end of the action-packed list is Zenge, an artsy and relaxing puzzle adventure game. Whether you want to unwind from a long day or just prefer a little less action in your day, here is a nice calm game to go with your glass of warm milk and chocolate chip cookies. 

Hamster On Coke Games Zenge cover art Zen

A new day brings new games, so on May 15, we will see a whole bunch of games again, though four fewer than the previous day. 

Starting off is Emma: Lost in Memories a puzzle platformer, nothing out of the ordinary except the whole game is based on the worst platformer gimmick ever made. Disappearing platforms. The whole game is based around the most frustrating platformer element ever. If you got what it takes to not tear out your hair after failing a dozen times on the same exact jump, you might like this game. 

If you like your platformers a bit more random then give Thy Sword a try because its a retro-inspired hack and slash rogue-like game, meaning procedurally generated levels and all the other fun things rogue-like stands for. 

Now if we go really retro we find The Eternal Castle remastered. Yep if you are old enough to remember this game you are probably buying it for nostalgia since you are in that age group. However, if you don’t fall into that category you will find yourself playing a game that will give you the feeling of 1987. This game is that old and it is still as good as ever. Regardless if you are an old fan or a new kid on the block, the masterpiece is sure to have you hooked. 

TFL Studios The Eternal Castle cover photo The revival

Since we have the retro glasses on still, lets us peek at Dungeon of the Endless, an action Rogue-like, strategy dungeon-defence game. That mouthful stands for top-down objective defence and exploration with endless waves of enemies to demolish. If that sounds like a good time, this award-winning game will surely suit your tastes. 

Stepping away from violent dungeon crawlers and rogue-likes we dance our way towards the music of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix. This is the characters firs debut on the switch and she makes it in her iconic rhythm game style. The arcade music-based rhythm game is perfect for those who enjoy the Vocaloid music scene, like rhythm games or just want to try something new. 

And lastly for the day is Kakuro Magic, a puzzle game to play in your free time. With 96 puzzles and relaxing music its perfect to challenge your brain or end the day on a fun and brain-stimulating note. 

After the two-game packed days, we get a few days to play before we are again met with new releases. On May 19, we see two new games making their entrance. 

The Wonderful 101: Remastered is an action-adventure game from Platinum Games, the creators of Bayonetta series, Astral Chani, NieR: Automata, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Their first self-published game made with the classic Japanese hero theme as its core leaves no room for comments, either you like it or you don’t. 

For those on the don’t side, Golf With Your Friends might be more of their preferred game type. Its a simple sports-based multiplayer party game, fun for the whole family. 

PlatinumGames The Wonderful 101 cover art A Heroic entrance to the Switch

On May 20, we only get one game and that is Cannibal Cuisine, a couch co-op cooking game that has you hunting down tourist to feed the cannibal gods. As dark as it sounds it has a cartoony art style and a silly gameplay loop to keep you and up to three of your buddies entertained. 

May 21 starts strong with Monster Prom: XXL, which is a dating simulator? Okay, so the first game of the day is a dating sim, in which you are trying to find a date, as a monster. Well if you like dating sims you pretty much know what you are getting into if not, good luck it is gonna be interesting. 

If monster dating simulators aren’t your thing and you are looking for more of a thriller, then maybe The Persistence will hit it off for you. And if killing monsters is your thing, this action-packed ever-changing labyrinth, filled with mutated monstrosities is the game you are after. 

Next is a special deal, two in one. Skelly Selest & Straimium Immortaly Double Pack, two indie games a top-down procedurally generated rogue-like and a roguelike dungeon-crawler sidescroller. Guess you will have to find out which is which for yourself when you get the bundle. 

May 22 brings us Animal Up! a game about tossing animals up. Well, that’s the gist of it, a simple easy to pick up and compete with your friends, who will toss more animals up the fastest and earn the most points. Fun.

Take a break from tossing animals and explore an abandoned cargo ship in Monstrum. Well not so much explore as frantically run away from the thing that wants to eat you and find a way to survive the procedurally generated environment and different monsters. 

Like gum? What about Ninjas? If your answer was yes then on 27 May grab yourself Ninjala and you and 7 other players can duke it out in this fantastically sticky setting. A game you will certainly be stuck on if you like that sort of thing. 

Deck 13 Resolutiion cover photo Putting the pieces together

May 28 is another three-game wonder. Starting it off is Resolutiion a game about shooting things to get the story. Filled with combat, dirty jokes and 20 hours of fun. Explore the world for the story and kill everything in your path, sounds like a good time, because it probably is. 

In Turmoil, you drill for oil, yep good old black gold. A simulator based on the 19th-century oil rush of North America. Live out your dream of being a sleazy rich person using their money to become the new mayor. What could be more fun than being so rich you own the whole town? Doing it again! 

Synaptic Drive is the last game for the day. To play the game online you need a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online and need to link your Nintendo account to the game. A competitive multiplayer shooter, for all those who just can't get enough of that multiplayer shooting experience. It's just never enough. 

Take-Two Interactive Borderlands The Handsome Collection Cover photo A truly handsome game

And here we are on May 29. The big day has finally come. The most anticipated releases have finally here. Of course we are talking about BioShock, Borderlands and XCOM. And no we are not forgetting Adam’s Venture: Origins or Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. Most of these games are world renown masterpieces that need no introduction, explanation or any extra praise.

This game packed day will empty your wallet if you still have any money left from the previous days. The big releases are left for the end of the month like icing on the cake. All games with great replay value that have been proven to be worth every penny and more.

There is truly nothing more to say about these games except, you want them, you need them, you will enjoy the hell out of them.

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