Upcoming Nintendo Switch games for the first week of July 2020

Published: 22:18, 25 June 2020
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Things are not always as they seem

We are on a crash course with July, and with the new month being just a few days away - the list of upcoming games for Nintendo Switch is piling up and the number of titles to look forward to is steadily growing.

July 1 brings with it a rather niche game in the form of My Bewitching Perfume, a visual novel, otome game that leads you through an adventure about attracting hot guys in an office.

There isn’t much complexity to dating sims, and the simplicity of the game is its the winning feature, exploring the story, and replaying it to see all the possible options. It has great replay value but will most likely have a niche market to fill.

A new day brings a new adventure, and July 2 is bringing five games to the Switch.

First on the list is Caretaker, the polar opposite of the first game on the list.

And unless the scariest thing for you are romantic interactions with anime dudes, then Caretaker will certainly prove much scarier than the previous game, but its no less standard in its genre.

Just like dating sims are pretty much the same core game with a few innovative ideas popping up from time to time, the same thing can be said for most horror games.

Using cheap scares and basic plot to explain why you, a person of mostly unknown background, are alone in a dark and abandoned location with just a weak flashlight and creepy noises to keep you company.

Once the tense atmosphere is broken by the inevitable monster encounter, the game loses some of its scariness as it suffers, like many other horror games, form bad monsters syndrome, meaning its monsters are really not that well done or that scary.

All in all, its just another horror game in the endless sea of mediocre horror games.

Blowfish Studios Inflection extended cut cover How far will it go?

Another horror game with the classic solving puzzles to reach your objective while the creepy monsters are trying to eat your face approach is Infliction: Extended Cut. While it is again a run of the mill horror game, for some reason it just stands out. The story is more enticing, the atmosphere creepier, the monsters are actually scary and the tension is palpable in some parts of the game.

While it works off the same template as many others, it works that extra bit harder and is definitely a better option for a scary experience than most of its competition.

While not reaching the Silent Hill levels of horror, the game stakes its claim within the genre proudly, and it is certainly well deserved. If you where to get one horror game on July 2, this is the title you should probably take a good look at.

Moving away from horror onto something much more lighthearted and cheerful, Biped is an action-adventure game made with two-player co-op in mind.

The game is like QWOP and Portal 2 had a weird, robotic, fun baby that has the best of both worlds.

The ability to control each limb individually allows you the absolute freedom of movement together with the required teamwork, make this a nice little game in which you can have fun with someone.

If you prefer not sharing your gaming experience, you can play the singleplayer and enjoy the beautiful looking game all by yourself.

Keeping things lighthearted and fun is The Otterman Empire, a party, arcade, action game that has you and up to 3 of your buddies shooting at almost everything in sight.

Fast-paced, hectic and colourful would be the best way to describe the game, probably good fun for banter with friends, or even a few fast rounds to pass some time.

NEXT Studios Biped cover A new adventure begins

And as it is already summer, Pool Slide Story is a game about making your perfect water park.

The game is a bit basic, using bit art for its visuals, and the classic management game mechanics for its gameplay, it does not scream innovation, but it does whisper consistency in a very familiar tone.

Offering a throwback to old park manager games, it has a few new things to keep it fresh, but it mostly tries to replicate the nostalgic feeling one gets from sitting down to revisit an old childhood classic, the likes of Theme Park or RollerCoaster Tycoon.

With July 3 we get three titles and they are very, very weird. Starting with the least weird one of the bunch, its Ghost Grab 3000, an action, arcade, bullet hell, score attack game in which you, a little robot with an energy beam, grab the ghosts of the post-apocalyptic humanity and destroy them.

Not much of a plot behind it really, the game is in the gameplay, which is rather basic as your only task is to trap ghosts, chain as many together as you can with your energy beam, destroy them, and repeat until you are inevitably destroyed.

Unlocking upgrades will help you last longer, but the outcome is always the same, that’s why your goal will most likely be to dominate the leaderboards or just kill a few minutes in between tasks.

Simple, straightforward and weird, but much less weird then what's coming up next.

And that would be Singled Out, a fast-paced reaction time, arcade game, where you get a set of descriptions and have to single out your target based on those descriptions, promptly taking them out.

Don’t ask too many questions and just do what you came to do, the interesting gameplay loop gets increasingly harder and the ten-second time limit doesn’t make it any easier.

Matthew Glanville Ghost Grab 3000 cover Ghost grabbers!

Tense, interesting, weird, what more could you possibly want?

If you, by any chance, answered: "To understand what is going on," then the next title is not for you.

Infini is a very weird game, that should be the end of the description, but then it would be a very bad description, so let us just say Infini is a very weird puzzle game that has you navigate a series of very abstract levels to reach the portal to the next one.

It probably has some deeper story behind it, just like abstract art can portray the pain of the world in a bunch of spilt blue paint, but that’s a little beyond comprehension for us regular folk.

Explore the game at your own pace because it certainly looks like it deserves the attention, but this title is very strange, in a way it is intriguing and offputting at the same time.

There is no escaping the weirdness, because July 7 brings with it Catherine: Full Body, the remake of the 2011 masterpiece Catherine. While being strange, the game has its whole story based on that strangeness, and provides a very solid gameplay loop that weirdly just works.

In an effort not to spoil the nine-year-old story for the people who might have missed it, or have forgotten about this gem, there won't be any mention of the plot, just that its a cross-genre platform, puzzle game with a very interesting story, beautiful attention to detail, and a game of the year nomination. Worth the look, certainly worth the buy, bringing guaranteed hours of fun.

SEGA Catherine full body trailer screenshot It just never gets old

Another gem in the bunch is Superliminal, a first-person puzzle adventure game that focuses heavily on forced perspective and optical illusions.

The game makes you think and use all of your surroundings to complete puzzles and progress further, with a fun story to back up the gameplay, it brings a new life to the puzzle world.

A clean art style makes the game feel like a dream and provides for a very vivid playground in which you can push the game mechanics to its limits.

Maybe the most highly recommended game on the list, Superliminal promises great things and delivers something far greater.


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