Upcoming Nintendo Switch games for the first week of June 2020

Published: 14:30, 28 May 2020
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Leaving May and its lineup of games behind, we are entering a brand new month that offers some rather promising titles. Here is the list of the upcoming Nintendo Switch games for the first week of June.

With a somewhat slow month behind us, the time has come for us to shift our attention to what will hopefully be an action-packed June. 

Starting off the month weird is Do Not Feed the Monkeys coming on June 1. If you've ever wondered what would it feel like being a creepy pervert who spies on people through hidden cameras, you can find out in this slightly disturbing title. 

Your main objective is to observe the “monkeys” in their homes, learning all sorts of things about them including their deepest secrets. There is one rule however - Do Not Feed the Monkeys. That essentially means: do not interact with the subjects you are observing under any circumstance, or there will be consequences. 

If that sounds like a good time to you, then this is the perfect title to explore your voyeuristic dreams. It is an interesting, albeit a weird title, that could present you with hours of fun messing with people and seeing how far you can take it before you mess up.

After the weirdness of the first day, June 2 brings us Liberated, an action-adventure that uses the comic book hand-drawn art style to tell a dark story of revolution, fighting against the system and the desperate search for justice in the gritty streets of the future.

It gives you the opportunity to make your own comic book with the decisions you make in-game creating your story, and it immerses you with its approach thereby making you feel like the new age partisan rebel fighting the forces of evil.

The distinct indie feel the game establishes through its art and gameplay, creates a shroud of mystery that keeps you wanting to see what's on the next page of this magnificent comic.

Walkabout Games Liberated cover photo Time to be Liberated

June 3 gives us Awesome Pea 2 which is the continuation of the Awesome Pea saga - now looking better than ever but mostly still green.

This title takes the page from the Game Boy book of visuals. It actually tears it out and makes that page its face, using only a few shades of green to create a wonderful world of dungeons in which your little green pea traverses various obstacles to collect coins and gems for the sake of greed.

A simple action platformer with a clear statement: we want to do it like they did it when we were kids.

It is a great window into the past with the games of the future smeared all over it. For those who miss the good old days, or those who ask what a Game Boy is, this is the game that will give you a glimpse of what that might have looked like.

The first title of June 4 combines the inspirations of the previous two days, that being indie and retro, to give us Depth of Extinction, a tactical RPG game that might interest a specific group of people looking for a niche game. 

Many comparisons have been made to both XCOM and FTL, and the game does make good on some of the appeal those games have by electing a more basic style and a simpler approach to gameplay, using a turn-based system to fully complete the old school vibe.

The best suggestion would be to read up on the game and if you like what you find - you can give it a go.

Sometimes You Awesome pea 2 cover photo Greed is good

If all this talk of old school has left you wanting something that screams “90s”, then you can have yourself the second title of the day: The TakeOver - a game so inspired by side-scrolling beat 'em ups, it oozes the words Streets of Rage right out of every orifice.

For those who really feel like a time machine would solve all their problems, that is sadly not happening but you could go on a nostalgia trip with this game by paying homage to the classics.  

And with that, we reach the first multi-game block of the month with five new titles lining up for release on June 5.

Starting the party off is Knight Squad, the party game that promises to destroy your friendship with up to 8 people at a time. With various modes such as Last Man Standing and Medieval football, you will probably find something you and up to 8 of your friends can agree on long enough to start playing.

If your friends are still around though, you might want to try something more friendship friendly, like Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics, for example - a game bringing you 51 classic tabletop games from around the world.

With such a variety of games, it would be pointless to go over them all, but the bundle will most certainly have at least one game in the pile that will pique your interest. 

The plus side is that you pay for one game and get 51 different titles to play. The added bonus is that you can play with friends, without the need for all the game boards, card sets or dice. You simply get all the best tabletop games in one place.

Antonios Pelekanos The TakeOver Cover image So many faces to punch

Continuing with the party game trend of the day, we have They Came From the Sky, in which you compete against your friends to “rescue” humans in your cool spaceship.

With all the games made for friends, why not play a game in which you make a new friend? Strawberry Vinegar follows the story of a young girl with no friends and a gluttonous demon girl who tries to befriend her. 

Made in the classic style of a dating sim, this is more of a friendship simulator, exploring a complex story with 6 different endings and thousands of lines of text.

Last game for June 5 and one of the biggest releases of the month is The Outer Worlds, best described as Fallout meets Borderlands, the new kid on the looter shooter block and so on. 

You've probably heard stories about the game developed by the team behind Fallout: New Vegas and yes - it is really coming to Nintendo Switch. 

We feel like there is no need to explain these big titles since, if you have opened anything gaming related while the hype train was going around, you are probably somewhat of an expert on the game already, so just go out there and get them, tiger.

The last game-filled day of the week is June 6 with two titles to finish the first week the right way.

Private Division The Outer Worlds Promo image A stranger in a strange land

The first of those two is Potata: Fairy Flower, an adventure puzzle-platformer that has you going on a mystical quest through a magical world while learning to control your powers.

Solve puzzles, navigate through obstacle-filled levels, fight bosses and explore the fantastic world, all this while defending your village and meeting the inhabitants, making friends and enemies along the way. 

A fun game with a cute art style that might be a good fit for anyone looking for a nice story presented with crispy clean graphics and smooth gameplay.

And last but not least is Super Holobunnies: Pause Café, a three in one special that presents you with a high speed one on one brawler, a boss rush mania and an adventure platformer, all while you control adorable holographic bunnies. 

A really cheap game that is basically a full package for whatever your preferred type of game is, and it has bunnies. With really good pixel art to compliment the content, it will probably be a game worth buying - if only just for the bunnies.

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