New games to play on PC, released in the first week of June 2020

Published: 10:28, 07 June 2020
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Back, looking better than ever

With PC being constantly flooded with all kinds of new games, we take a look at the most interesting titles released for the master race platform in the first week of June 2020.

If you ever thought a reverse dungeon crawler would be a great concept for a game, the folks behind Skelattack thought so too and decided to make a game where you play as one of the dungeon monsters with a mission to defend the dungeon and its loot.

An interesting concept with a seemingly good execution, although not a looker per se, it has a lot of charm where it counts, with silliness in the right spots and a potential for greatness. It is a game really tries to stamp its name in the book of innovative action platformers.

You should see if it succeeds by giving it a whirl or just wait for the reviews to come in and make your decision then.

Sharing the release date is the long-awaited Valorant. Now, if your ears haven’t already been blasted off at this point by praises and critiques of the beta, you were probably doing something away from the internet.

Riot Games' new title has been soaring high, quickly gaining the spot of most-watched Twitch game and receiving very high praise from fans and haters alike.

Despite all the work put into it, some people are still finding the smallest faults, but this has not derailed or even slowed the game's rise to fame. In fact, it might have actually had the opposite effect by propelling the game to stardom before it even took its first steps as a free multiplayer shooter.

With Riot Games' reputation for quality game design, final product polish and strong communication with the unwavering community, the game is set to make it big on the front stage of gaming for a long while.

Riot Games Valorant Logo screenshot The new kid on the block

June 5 is mirroring the previous June 2 releases, having a smaller game as the front runner and ending the day with a big bombshell. The smaller one, in this case, is Cyber Protocol, the action puzzler that has you rushing through a 100 levels alone or with friends, solving puzzles and competing for the best score on a global scoreboard.

The game is pretty simple by design, having a Pacman-esque or even pinball feel infused with cyberpunk aura and a great synth-wave soundtrack that really makes you feel like a 90s hacker.

Certainly, a fun little game, if not for the competitive aspect then for the customization and other neat little trinkets you get to play around with while optimizing and personalizing your game.

The big one for this day is Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, consisting of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert complete with all the DLC.

These games are as iconic as sliced bread - the keystones to the modern RTS genre, but they haven't aged the best, so they received a complete HD makeover and look as good as ever.

While the visual upgrades were a big part of the deal, the audio, interface and a whole slate of things have gotten fitted up to face the new game market and carry their weight without a problem.

Although simple at the first glance, the games hold more than just nostalgic value. They are a throwback to the good old days of simple and functional games that could provide hundreds of hours of fun with just the bare-bone minimum in today's standards.

And while they may be outshone by games that have had decades of knowledge to build on, it's important to keep in mind that most of that knowledge was learned from what these giants brought about.

EA Command and Conquer remastered video screenshot All the remastered version has to offer

While not solely the greatest RTS of all time, these games hold a dear spot in the hearts of many fans, and have the substance to gain new fans despite probably being older than them.

The remastered version is worth both a look and a buy because the tried and true formula will certainly not fail to do its job after all the years, especially now when it looks as good as it feels to play it.

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