NBA 2K20: Best jump shot and animations for Scoring Machine build

Published: 13:29, 21 April 2020
MyPLAYER shooting the ball in NBA 2K20.
Green release is an everyday thing for a Scoring Machine, if you set your jump shot right.

Scoring Machine is without a doubt one of the most versatile builds in NBA 2K20. In this guide, we will give you the best jump shot as well as other animations that you need to equip to maximize your performance on the court.

So, back in February, we made a guide on how to create one of the best guard builds in NBA 2K20 - a Scoring Machine. Since then, we have received a lot of questions on our YouTube video about what jump shot to use with the build, and what other animations to equip to get the most out of your player.

Well, today we will be taking an in-depth look that will show you everything you need to know and give you the ultimate setup for this truly insane build.

First off, let's answer the question that our comments section has been most vocal about: the best jump shot to equip for our version of the Scoring Machine build is none other than Kobe Bryant's. We're talking the default one - none of that shot creator stuff. Pair this jump shot with the HOF Quick Draw badge and it's lights out from pretty much anywhere on the court.

2K Sports Player shooting a 3-pointer in MyPARK in NBA 2K20. Kobe's iconic jump shot works amazingly well with a Scoring Machine build.

As for the rest of the animations that will help you dunk the ball like crazy and move around the defense with ease, make sure to equip everything exactly as follows:


  • Jump Shots: Kobe Bryant
  • Free Throws: Russell Westbrook
  • Dribble Pull-Ups: Normal
  • Spin Jumpers: Normal
  • Hop Jumpers: Normal 6
  • Post Fades: Fade 2
  • Post Hooks: Hook 2
  • Post Hop Shots: Post Hop Shot 6
  • Post Shimmy Fades: Shimmy Fade 3
  • Post Shimmy Hooks: Shimmy Hook 2

Dribble moves

  • Dribble Style: Kyrie Irving
  • Size-Up Packages: A. Iverson
  • Moving Crossovers: Pro 2
  • Moving Behind The Backs: Pro 3
  • Moving Spins: Pro 1
  • Moving Hesitations: Pro 5
  • Triple Threat Styles: Normal 3

Dunks and Layups

  • Layups: Default Small
  • Dunks: Athletic Front Tomahawks
  • Dunks: Windmill Reverses
  • Dunks: Zach Lavine
  • Dunks: Russell Westbrook
  • Dunks: Under Basket Regular
  • Dunks: Athletic One-Handers Off One
  • Dunks: Back Scratching Rim Hangs
  • Dunks: Athletic Side Tomahawks
  • Dunks: Reverses Off One
  • Dunks: Basic One-Handers Off One
  • Dunks: Clutch Reverses Off Two
  • Dunks: Baseline Reverses Off One
  • Dunks: Side Arm Tomahawks
  • Dunks: Windmill Baseline Reverses
  • Dunks: Straight Arm Tomahawks
  • Alley-oop: Pro Alley-oop
  • Alley-oop: Elite Alley-oop
  • Contact Dunks: Pro Contact Dunks
  • Contact Dunks: Elite Contact Dunks
  • Contact Dunks: Small Contact Dunks

Park dunks and layups

  • Park Dunk: One Man Show
  • Park Dunk: High Roller
  • Park Dunk: Dunkenstein
  • Park Dunk: Flight
  • Park Dunk: Insanity
  • Park Dunk: High Riser
  • Park Dunk: The Skywalker
  • Park Dunk: Game Time
  • Park Alley-oop: Park Alley-oop 1
  • Park Alley-oop: Park Alley-oop 2
  • Park Alley-oop: Jordan Kilganon Alley-oop
  • Park Layups: Playground

Park flashy passes

  • Behind Back
  • No Look
  • Tap Pass

2K Sports A player going for a posterizing dunk in MyPARK in NBA 2K20. Equipping the dunk animations mentioned above will turn you into a proper highflyer!

If you want to see just how well these animations work with a shooting guard Scoring Machine build, have a look at the video embedded above, and treat yourself to some - dare we say - fantastic plays in the Park. And make sure to check out our in-depth shooting badges guide to maximize your build's shooting potential.