Mafia: Definitive Edition - How to unlock the fastest car in the game

Published: 14:19, 19 October 2020
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Crazy Horse - the fastest car in Mafia: Definitive Edition
How to unlock the fastest car in Mafia: Definitive Edition?

If the cars in Mafia Definitive Edition are a little too slow for your taste, why not do yourself a favor and unlock the fastest car in the game - the Crazy Horse.

With just a few minutes of your game-time, you can finish a side-mission in the Free Ride mode and unlock the fastest vehicle in the Mafia Definitive Edition, add it to your garage, from which you can select it later in the Story Mode of this game.

You'll definitely be doing a lot of driving through Lost Heaven, and if you're already going to spend a lot of time behind the wheel, why not behind the wheel of the fastest car? 

How are you going to do that? Follow the next few steps.

For those focused on Main Story, they probably haven’t even tried to play the Freeride mode. This mode offers not only free roam, as the name suggests, but also several interesting Side missions to complete.

Each additional mission unlocks something, which can then be used in the campaign. Some missions unlock vehicles, some outfits, and some weapons.

We will now focus on the first mission offered, that unlocks a car called the "Crazy Horse". This vehicle isn’t just called a crazy horse, it really offers a crazy ride that jumps on a heavy gas, so you’ll have to be a little light on the pedal. (RT / R2).

Ok, the first step: go to Main Menu and enter the Free Ride mode, and enter the Salieri’s bar. To begin the mission you must find Herbert Baskerville's letter, which is located on the pool table. Read it.

AltChar Mafia Definitive Edition - Crazy Horse guide pt.1 Mafia Definitive Edition - The location of the Herbert Baskerville's letter

After that, take the fastest vehicle you have and drive to the very west point of the Little Italy district, and find the payphone, as in the picture below. 

AltChar Mafia Definitive Edition - "Crazy Horse" guide showing map of the city Mafia Definitive Edition - "Crazy Horse" side mission location

Answer the ringing phone, where you will receive further instructions.

AltChar Mafia Definitive Edition - "Crazy Horse" guide showing phone-booth location Mafia Definitive Edition - The "Crazy Horse" mission will start after the phone call

A car will appear next to the phone booth and time will start ticking immediately after you hang up, so hurry up and enter the car. Follow the guideline on the mini-map.

AltChar Mafia Definitive Edition - the "Crazy Horse" side mission guide Mafia Definitive Edition - How fast can you go?

Your task is to drive the Crazy Horse car to Holbrook in less than 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and to make the situation more difficult, even the slightest contact with another vehicle will mean failure, and you will have to start over. 

You have plenty of time, don't worry, you don't have to panic and start driving like maniac. The car is very fast and much more explosive than the rest of the cars in the game.

Slowly add gas on the clearings, and remember to brake before entering the curves. Avoid any vehicles on the road. Do not worry, there are no cops in this mission, so you can drive above the speed limit.

When you arrive at your destination successfully, Crazy Horse car will unlock, and it will be available in your garage, from where you can select it, change the color of the interior, and drive in a campaign or Free Ride mode. 

2K Games Screenshot from Mafia: Definitive Edition game, showing a car in carcyclopedia mode. Mafia: Definitive Edition - The "Crazy Horse" vehicle

The characteristics of the vehicle are maxed out, which guarantees a lot of fun driving.

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