Lost Ark - What are Twitch drops and how to get them

Published: 07:32, 15 February 2022
Lost Ark
Lost Ark

Ever since its western release Lost Ark has been the most viewed game on Twitch. The reason for that are the Twitch drops the developers are giving out to viewers.

If you're playing Lost Ark, then surely you are watching the most famous streamers on Twitch, searching for the best builds and the fastest ways to level. Well, make sure to have that time give an advantage in-game, as well, with Twitch Drops.

Twitch drops are a way of acquiring rewards by watching any streamer streaming the game, with the "Drops Enabled" tag. To earn Lost Ark Twitch Drops, follow these easy steps:

  • Sign in with your Twitch account,
  • Link your Twitch account to your Lost Ark account,
  • Activate Twitch Drops.

Once you have earned the Drop, you can claim in the chat window or in your Drops Inventory. Twitch Drops take 24 hours to appear in the game, and from then on are yours to do with as you please. Twitch Drops rewards include, but are not limited to:

  • In-game currency, such as Amethyst Shards,
  • Chests, such as the Battle Item chests,
  • Items, such as pets or mounts.

Smilegate picture showing lost ark gameplay Lost Ark

This is another way of bringing balance to the game, that many players feared would be plagued by microtransactions and be pay-to-win. Merely doing what you already enjoy gives you a starting boost for your adventures in Arkesia. Not to mention that it's an incredible ploy by the developers and publishers, to create hype around the game, and boost its popularity in the West even more.

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