How to fix Valorant's problems with connecting to European servers

Published: 17:28, 12 May 2020
Riot Games
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With the recent problems that have been plaguing the European Valorant players, with many showing great frustration at the fact that the problem has been persisting for so long, one Reddit user has shared his method of fixing the issue.

With the Valorant beta being a wild success, and the game taking the number one spot for the most-watched game on Twitch, players around the world are praising Riot Games for the quality of their new game. And with the smooth sailing so far, it seems that the game will reach the level of its older sibling, League of Legends, as one of the most played PC video games in the world. 

But it looks as though a storm has rocked the success boat and it might turn out to be a big one. Namely, in recent weeks, many European players have experienced a problem where they are put in a server with absurdly high ping and players from a completely different part of the world. 

The servers in question are located in Turkey and players from Poland to Portugal have been experiencing the same problem of being put into servers with Turkish players and thus having over 80 ping.

This, in itself, would not be that much of a problem if it happened once in a blue moon as it could be blamed on server availability in the moment, but players who have experienced this say that almost every game they play is the same: Turkish servers, high ping and a lot of frustration. 

Since the problems are consistent in most cases, some players have taken to attempting their own fixes, as is the case of a Reddit user named Aries, who suggested his own solution to the aforementioned problem. Sadly though, the comment concluded by saying that if he accidentally forgoes the tedious process before starting the game - the problem returns and he has to deal with the abnormally high ping on a Turkish server all over again. 

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All of these patch job fixes from the players are just a temporary bandage on a much bigger problem Riot will have to fix sooner rather than later, as some players have grown so frustrated with the problem that they have decided to call it quits until the problem is fixed. 

These numbers shouldn’t impact the game's overall numbers but they may leave a nasty blemish in Valorant's spotless record, should the trend continue, that is.

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