Battlefield 2042 Open Beta - everything you need to know

Published: 15:41, 28 September 2021
Updated: 15:45, 28 September 2021
Battlefield 2042 open beta details
Battlefield 2042 open beta details

Battlefield 2042's long-awaited Open Beta is finally on the horizon. Everyone who pre-purchased the game is invited to enjoy an early look at the action.

How to access Battlefield 2042's Open Beta

Fans who've pre-ordered Battlefield 2042 or are currently holding an EA Play membership are welcome to join the game's Open Beta on October 6. Those who've purchased a physical copy of Battlefield 2042 can redeem their pre-order code provided by the retailer and EA Play members just need to log into the correct account to get early access privileges.

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta pre-load information

Open beta pre-loads will start on October 5 at 07:00 UTC on all platforms, but no one will be able to access and actually play the game at this time.

Early access will be available from October 6 at 07:00 UTC on all platforms, until October 7. Early access rights are reserved for players who have pre-ordered Battlefield 2042 and EA Play members.

General access will kick off on October 8 at 07:00 UTC on all platforms and end on October 10.

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta platforms

The Battlefield 2042 Open Beta is available to play on PC (via Origin, EA app, Steam, and Epic) and console (PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S). A PlayStation Plus membership is not required to participate in the Open Beta but if you're playing on Xbox you will need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber.

What will be available in Battlefield 2042's Open Beta

The Open Beta was designed to give the players a general sense of what they will get when the full game launches in November 2021. With this and the limited time window in mind, the devs have unlocked some weapons, vehicles and gadgets players won't normally encounter so early in the game. 

Fans will be able to play Conquest on the map Orbital as one of 4 Specialists: Boris, Casper, Falck, and Mackay.

Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042
General information
  • Any progress made during the Open Beta will not carry over into the fully released copy of Battlefield 2042. 
  • Social media posts, content and streaming is welcome and encouraged.
  • Feedback should be directed at the Answers HQ.
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