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A group of vigilante hackers are hunting other PUBG hackers

Player is calling for a supply drop with a flare gun.
PUBG - Flare Gun

When every anti-hacking attempt by PUBG Corp and Bluehole fails, hackers rise up to the occasion. Such is the case with Asian servers where one group of hackers is specifically hunting down other hackers, leaving regular players alone.

Whenever someone mentions PUBG, the first word on everyone's mind is "hackers" and rightfully so. As it turns out, western players have it good as the hacking problem is even worse on Asian servers, where reportedly half of the players actually use hacks.

Needless to say, Bluehole's so far feeble attempts at stopping the hackers weren't up to par, prompting some players to take up their vigilante mantles and go hacker hunting. In a story delivered by a Redditor named waynebean, a friend invited them to play together, and since the friend was playing from an Asian country, PUBG put them into Asian servers.

As expected, hackers started coming out of the woodwork, killing waynebean and one of their squaddies in the process. Soon another cheater team entered the fray, prompting a cheater deathmatch that waynebean spectated through one of their surviving teammates.

Then the unexpected happened - a team of four vigilante cheaters popped up from a boat through the earth itself and killed the other two cheater teams in what seemed "like 2 seconds". After the cheater massacre, the Bat-family-like cheaters approached waynebean's surviving teammates and told them they are using the most advanced hacks in order to hunt other cheaters.

BlueholePlayer is calling for a supply drop with a flare gun.PUBG - The game where some cheaters got your back

Cheater Justice League then left the scene the same way they came - hopped into their boat that can swim through the ground, in their noble quest to hunt those who destroy player experience. They continued their crusade until they were the only cheater team left on the map, after which they committed suicide so the regular players can duke it out on equal terms.

At the time of Cheater Suicide Squad's demise, there were 11 legitimate players left and waynebean's team finished in the third place. You can see the whole story as well as the followup comments here. Bear in mind that this is a report from a forum, with no video evidence provided yet, so it might turn out to be a hoax, albeit a funny and heartwarming one.