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Forza Horizon 4 gets a Nat Geo kind of trailer...sort of

A blue McLaren car from the racing game Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 4

Even if you're not a fan of racing games or are busy waiting for Spider-Man to land, i.e. PS4 fanboy, Forza Horizon will still help pass the time as Playground Games delivered quite a chuckle-worthy announcement for its racing game.

The trailer has voice actor and comedian Maurice LaMarche busting some moves from both of his fields of expertise. Firstly, delivering the lines thoroughly emanating that David Attenborough and National Geographic vibe and secondly, well, almost delivering them as intended.

Yeah, almost, because that multiplayer line was never technically delivered, was it?. Even the YouTube channel played along with the joke and invited players to race, stunt and explore a shared open world in "a true multi-PLAY-er".

Apparently, LaMarche has a peculiar affinity towards blossoms and doesn't care much for a hovercraft, which is the part I personally took offence to. What kind of a man doesn't care for a hovercraft, seriously? Unbelievable.

Other than that, Forza Horizon 4 looks quite splendid and Playground Games appear to have done a grand job both in terms of cars and the environment they'll be racing in. In fact, the dev has quite an extensive series on each of the seasons on their YouTube channel, which you can find here. Make no mistake though - there's no Vivaldi there.

Fans of racing games will definitely appreciate the sort of attention to detail Playground Games maintained in ensuring that driving in specific environments and varying weather is challenging and fun at the same time. Plus, the game is so gorgeous at times that it's well worth a look, even if you're not fan of racing.

MicrosoftA racing car parked next to a house in Forza Horizon 4Forza Horizon 4 Is it me or is that one seriously Zen looking place?

Forza Horizon 4 launches on PC and Xbox One on 02 October 2018. You can check out more screenshots in our gallery below, or the official Forza Horizon 4 website here.