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Fortnite blows up on iOS, rapidly climbs to number one on App Store

Epic Games
Animated female character firing a weapon off at another person
Fortnite Battle Royale, iOS version

The tempo Epic's been setting lately is almost scary, with the company's Battle Royale title getting updates like crazy but the arrival of Fortnite on iOS devices must be really scary for some companies. Sorry guys, Epic's comin' to getcha!

Fortnite's snuggly sitting atop Apple's free games chart in mere days since it has launched. Take into account that not everyone has received Epic's invitation as of yet, so Fortnite's ascension ain't even over yet.

AppleApple's top free games chart showing Fortnite on first spotFortnite on App Store

To be fair, most faithful followers of Epic's game have already downloaded the Fortnite Invite Event, so as not to wait too long once they're finally invited. We should know, we're one of them.

Players who are already playing Fortnite iOS reported that they've started receiving Friend Invites. Apparently, players will be getting three each eventually, which they can use to invite more friends. 

Apple flavoured Fortnite: Battle Royale has only recently been announced, so you'd excuse Epic for the game practically being unfinished. Impressively enough though, here's nothing to excuse.

Epic GamesA ranger-looking character from Fortnite iOs running on a soccer fieldFortnite Battle Royale, iOS version

Fortnite: Battle Royale iOS has already gotten rave reviews, with many reporting that the game runs unbelievably great on their phones. Some were straight up amazed, in fact, claiming it should have never run that great.

Players have reported the controls to be somewhat clunky, as they happen to be on smartphones, but the game looks the same ol' Fortnite we've got on our PCs.

Epic GamesTwo Fortnite characters hiding in plain sight posing as bushesFortnite Battle Royale, iOS version

Cross-platform play has already been tried and it works great, although the Microsoft Sony feud seems to have expanded onto Fortnite's battlegrounds.

Namely, PS4 and Xbox One players apparently can't play with each other but with both Sony and Microsoft being named the culprit, we'll wait a bit before we thrash them for not being Marxist enough. Maybe they should build a bridge between them? wink wink