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Ys Origin has released on Nintendo Switch

Published: 14:00, 01 October 2020
Ys Origin is now available on Nintendo eShop
Ys Origin is now available on Nintendo eShop

Nintendo Switch is richer for one JRPG as of today as Dotemu launched their Ys Origin on the platform with a brief trailer and feature list.

Ys Origin can now be purchased on Dotemu and has apparently been refined for modern audiences. Players will get to explore a world that is being overrun by a demonic invasion and the humanity's last sanctuary is literally found in the clouds.

The launch trailer features Yunica Tovah and Hugo Fact, the duo of playable characters, who are looking for the world's Goddesses and their help before the demons take everything.

Switch players will now finally have the ability to play the prequel to the Ys series which started with Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished. It will feature arcade-paced combat with some platforming and treasure hunting elements through the spiralling labyrinth.

The rest of the features include two playable characters - a holy knight Yunica Tovah  and the sorcerer Hugo Fact who will use "devastating magic" to bring the enemies down.

Bosses are said to be "spectacular showdowns against massive and immensely powerful beasts" and this is one of those expected things since the game is a JRPG. Players will apparently have to rely on their wit to gain the upper hand here.

That said, learning that game shouldn't be too challenging since it features intuitive action so everyone can jump in as soon as possible but as previously stated, mastering the combat might still require some skill and wit.

Those who do master it can take part in speedrunning since Ys Origin has its own speedrunning mode for those no longer interested in taking in all the sights during their quest for deities who abandoned the world. Ys Origin initially launched more than a decade ago in Japan but the Nintendo Switch release will feature more polish so the modernised version can compete.

It costs £17.99 on Nintendo eShop.

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