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YoungBuck parts ways with Fnatic, Upset leaves Schalke 04

Published: 22:36, 12 November 2019
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Joey "YoungBuck" Steltenpool
Joey "YoungBuck" Steltenpool

Roster and management changes have kicked off in League of Legends teams as they prepare for the next season. Two recent highlights are Fnatic parting ways with head coach, YoungBuck and Schalke 04 with their marksman, Upset.

Fnatic's performance at Worlds 2019 was somewhat disappointing, despite the fantastic week two where they pulled a great comeback to continue from the group stage to knockout round, instead of RNG. They were knocked out in quarterfinals, however, which could have been perceived as an issue at the time but the team that beat them, FunPlus Phoenix, eventually became the world champions.

The reasons for Joey "YoungBuck" Steltenpool's departure could relate to other things though. Steltenpool did joke about if FNC lost while playing Garen/Yuumi bot lane, which happened, but it's hard to imagine the joke actually had something to do with the departure. Furthermore, the seems to hint it was the coach's decision to move to another team.

Meanwhile, Schalke 04's management seems to be the same as it was before while the roster is undergoing some changes. Their marksman, Elias "Upset" Lipp, was one of the bright spots of the team for the duration of Season 9 but they will have to make do without the talented carry in Season 10.

This also appears to not be a decision on the side of the team, but rather the player himself. While no official confirmation is available, Upset he is moving to North America on his Twitter.

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Comments on the tweet speculate that his next team could be Cloud 9 or TSM. Considering there were no breaking news about Sneaky's possible departure from C9 recently, chances are TSM is Lipp's next destination. The team's marksman, Zven, has been after all.

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