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Microsoft discontinues production of Xbox One Kinect adapter

Published: 21:40, 03 January 2018
A picture of Kinect for Xbox One.
Xbox One Kinect

Xbox Kinect was dealt the finishing blow. After stopping production of Kinect back in October 2017, Microsoft is now also not selling Kinect adapters for Xbox One models

This marks the end of Kinect support for Xbox One models, as the company wants to focus on gaming accessories that are more in demand by fans. Chances are, people who wanted to use Kinect already have the adapter and since the production of the device stopped in October, new demand isn't going to happen.

Microsoft confirmed this to saying, “After careful consideration, we decided to stop manufacturing the Xbox Kinect Adapter to focus attention on launching new, higher fan-requested gaming accessories across Xbox One and Windows 10,”.

Microsoft's representative refused to discuss whether the motion sensor accessory will be brought back in the future as it is a part of Microsoft's product roadmap, but noted that the adapter itself will no longer be available.

The adapter has been missing from Microsoft's online store for a while now, and its newfound rarity spiked its prices to ridiculous heights. Players that still want to try out Kinect can either buy a used adapter, or pay super high price for a new one, on either Ebay or Amazon. 

Microsoft Online prices for Kinect adapter for Xbox One. Kinect adapter prices

Back in 2010 Kinect proved to be a hit, becoming the fastest selling consumer electronics device in history, but later marketing mishandling reduced sales, the number of games with Kinect support started to fall off and eventually it became more of a burden than a profitable feature for the company, all because of a hard push to sell Xbox One bundled with the device. That's why you don't force consumers to buy your DLC-like accessories. Congratulations Microsoft, you played yourselves.

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