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Xbox One exclusive Vigor is coming to Nintendo Switch

Published: 15:24, 26 March 2020
Bohemia Interactive
Vigor screenshot showing a man with Switch console

Bohemia Interactive's survival shooter title Vigor, which was available exclusively on Xbox One is coming to Nintendo Switch, the developer officially announced on today's Nintendo Direct live stream.

Vigor, Bohemia Interactive's online, third-person "loot and shoot" game is coming to Nintendo Switch after seven months of exclusivity on Xbox One. The announcement was made today on Nintendo Direct live stream.

Before Vigor officially arrives to Nintendo Switch, players will have the opportunity to try out the game in the closed beta test, which is scheduled to run from 09 April to 16 April 2020. If you would love to participate in the beta test, sign-ups will go live on 02 April 2020 on the registration page.

Vigor Project Lead Petr Kolar said that Vigor's launch on Nintendo Switch comes after a successful period that the game spent exclusively on Xbox. After a seven-month period on Microsoft's console, the development team feels that it is time to take another step forward and bring their title to a larger player base. 

To some, this may come as a surprise since the game has been expected on PC. However, some would say that Nintendo Switch port makes perfect sense since the PC platform already has too many looter shooters and battle royale games to offer.

At the moment, the release date for Vigor on Switch is yet to be revealed but since the closed beta test is just around the corner, we should not wait too long before Bohemia officially announce the launch date.

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