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Xbox Live Gold gets price hike

Published: 20:08, 22 January 2021
Xbox Live Gold on a black background
Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft decided to increase the price of Xbox Live Gold service which is sure to not sit well with the users of their consoles.

Microsoft has been building goodwill with their userbase for a while now, primarily by offering great value for the price through Xbox Game Pass but they have now changed their Xbox Live Gold plans and are sure to invoke the ire of at least a portion of the player base.

Namely, the new price of Xbox Live Gold subscription is $10.99, one US dollar up from the previous price. The official announcement also states the prices will be adjusted in regions across the world accordingly .

Multi-month memberships will also see price alterations, with the three-month option setting fans $29.99 back while six months of membership will be $59.99. There appears to be no option for a 12-month membership.

With that in mind, it could look like Microsoft are trying to push more people to use Xbox Games Pass Ultimate, which contains Xbox Live Gold as a part of the package but also costs $14.99 a month. Then again, you get access to a massive library of games. With the current pricing of each service, the latter is certainly looking like a better option.

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Those who have running Xbox Live Gold subscriptions for a longer period of time will get their excess months carried over at no extra cost. For example, if you still had seven months of membership that you purchased at the old price, you will not experience any pricing change until that period runs out.

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