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5 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass - ID@Xbox Showcase highlights

Published: 06:40, 11 August 2021
Xbox x Twitch
ID@Xbox stream
ID@Xbox stream

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get five more games for free before the holiday season 2021 rolls around. The recent ID@Xbox Showcase clued us in on what these games will be and when you can expect them.

Xbox' team-up with Twitch resulted in the second ID@Xbox, a two-hour-long stream that revealed five new games that are on their way (or have already arrived) to Xbox Game Pass.

The star of the show was Stardew Valley. The game's creator Eric Barone confirmed that a Stardew Valley Game Pass for console and PC has left the station and will be arriving sometime this fall. Here is the rest of the titles you'll be able to pay for free with your Game Pass Subscription.

Games coming to Xbox Game Pass 

Aragami 2

This ninja action game is a worthy successor to the original from 2016: in the body count as well as in stealth. Aragami 2 will sneak onto Game Pass on September 17.

Evil Genius 2

This gem is already available on PC and is headed to consoles in Q4 2021. Evil Genius 2 will be available on Game Pass as soon as it sets up its ne'er-do-well lair on Xbox.

Library of Ruina

Deck-building RPG read-em-up with some visual novel-inspired storytelling. Library of Ruina is on Game Pass right now.


Every dog owner/lover has already played this game in real life, sans the stretchy noodle arms of course. Pupperazzi sees its players become professional dog tenders and photographers. The photogenic puppers are "coming soon" to Xbox Game Pass.

Stardew Valley

Last but not least. Set to arrive this fall for console and PC, Stardew Valley needs little introduction. Don't forget to water your real-life plants!

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