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ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo event set to start on December 7

Published: 18:38, 03 December 2021
ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo event promo collage
ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo event

ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo event will shine a light on 35 demo versions of games coming to Xbox in the future. The demos will only be available during the event.

ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo event is back again this year as part of Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards. There will be a bunch of new titles to take out for a test drive before they pop up on Xbox. The ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo event will kick off on December 7 and go on until December 21. There will be over 35 demos to try out, all for games coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Keep in mind that these won't be your traditional demos. Some of the games the fans will get to play during the event still have a long way to go before they hit the shelves so they won't all be polished up to perfection and may not necessarily reflect the devs' final vision for the title currently under construction. The demos will also be available only for a limited time. Some may eventually find their way back to the Demo channel but the titles will disappear on December 21.

ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo event highlights

The full list of all demos will be shared closer to the start of the ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo event (December 7). For now, here are some highlights:

Loot River

Procedurally generated mazes, dungeon crawling and real-time combat, inspired by the fantasy setting of Dark Souls and puzzles of Tetris.

Death Trash

An RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world full of hooligans with shotguns. 

The Parasight Blacktail Blacktail


Fans of Baba Yaga and the more grim tales from Slavic folklore might enjoy Blacktail's archery combat and storytelling.

The Tale of Bistun

The Tale of Bistun is an atmospheric action-adventure romp inspired by the 12th Century tragic poem " Khosrow and Shirin. "

Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World can be played solo or via online co-op. The game promises quests, different unlockable player character forms and the ability to mix and match abilities to unlock more quests.

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