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Worms Rumble gets a free update with new map and mode

Published: 14:00, 10 December 2020
Team 17
Worms Rumble
Worms Rumble

Team 17 announced a celebration that includes a bunch of free content for Worms Rumble as the players will get to enjoy the anniversary along with the devs.

Worms Rumble, the latest release in the famous franchise by Team 17, is getting a free update that will introduce a new map, Deadly Dockyard, for the battle royale fans who like a morphing map.

Technically, the world will not just morph out of the blue a la Inception but the map will be altered due to player interaction. There will be several shipping containers, cranes and boats launching from the docks which will be able to change the landscape as the worms use them to gain an advantage.

It marks the first map in Worms Rumble's post-launch support and a roadmap of content lasting through the end of March 2021 is getting a teaser. There will be additional new maps, modes and more but that's all the info we're getting for now. 

The same update will contain Christmas cosmetics as well as new premium skins and items. Speaking of the update, it will kick off on November 17, 2020, as Team 17 celebrates their 30th anniversary. Want more "17" themed stuff? The game will be 17 per cent off at Team 17 store if you use the "TEAM17" promo code.

While that's plenty to unpack, it's not all there is to the news. While Deadly Dockyard is a new map, we will also get new modes, remember? The Lab will open occasionally, letting the players enjoy experimental matches and unlock exclusive cosmetics. 

The first among them is Pistols at Dawn which will give everyone a hand cannon that will one-shot enemies but also holds only one shot. Those who participate in the limited-time mode will be able to get a Gold Worm skin. Unlike the map, you don't have to wait for The Lab - it's opening on December 10 at 3:00 PM GMT and will close at the same time on Saturday, December 12.

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