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World of Tanks Update 1.13 brings major changes to the game

Published: 17:08, 21 June 2021
Nuclear proof Russian experimental heavy tank
World of Tanks: Object 279 (e)

Update 1.13 is now available for World of Tanks. The historic patch just introduced some major changes to the game, starting with the weapons and ending with an entirely new game mode.

World of Tanks just got one of the biggest updates in recent memory. Update 1.13 imported a major rework of the game's core mechanics which includes HE shells and SPG (self-propelled gun) countermeasures and other changes and additions, such as a brand-new mode, the anticipated Season 5 of Battle Pass and interface improvements.

The most substantial change the players will take note of immediately is the variety of new capabilities: combating vehicles that make it rain shells is on the forecast and it's looking cloudy.

World of Tanks Update 1.13 also added three new tactical features:

Sound Detection is a new Commander-only perk that will warn those in the danger zone that an artillery shell is incoming through a special indicator, brighter shell tracers will allow players to better gauge from where an SPG has fired and the field of fire markers will let tankers know where an SPG recently fired (this marker will appear on the minimap for 10 seconds).

The new update didn't forget about artillery, which now has three shell types at their disposal. The shell types differ in trajectory and velocity but what they have in common is a bunch of new tactical opportunities they unleash onto the battlefield.

Additionally, the SPG ammo interface has been updated and the Intuition perk has been reworked, meaning quicker changes of shells for all vehicle types.

World of Tanks

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
World of Tanks: Löwe German heavy tank

High Explosive mechanics on the main server now deal damage at the point of impact. This means the destruction based on shell-burst spheres was traded in for higher damage numbers when a shell connects with the armour.

HE shells will deal less damage to the frontal armour of heavily armoured rigs. Additionally, they will also now be able to penetrate screens, tracks and wheels of wheeled vehicles, and insignificant and/or destructible objects, like fences.

The new game mode introduced in Update 1.13 is Recon Mission. The new mode will allow tankers to test maps that are in the later stages of development.

Some Premium Tanks , Clan Wars reward tanks and the Minks map are being rebalanced. Season 5 of Battle Pass is ready to challenge players, and a selection of interface improvements have been introduced.

More information about Update 1.13.


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