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World of Tanks Starts to Blow Real Stuff Up

Published: 23:32, 21 December 2016
Updated: 15:07, 09 February 2017
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Wargaming has some pretty smart marketing for its World of Tanks game - now it's helping Texans destroy things in reality

Altchar has a healthy attitude towards destruction. We are all for the cycle of birth, growth, destruction and rebirth. Especially when we're spawn camping.

As such, Wargaming's latest marketing ruse has come as a pleasant surprise to us. While browsing through his YouTube channels, MrCongo - as the above named writer - came across a new video from the veterinarian surgeon and Texas gun nut Dr. Matt Carriker.

Give it a watch for the lovely tanks at the very least, including a Leopard 1, late model M4 Sherman and a Chieftain, of which more very shortly. The splendid Dr Matt enlists the help of two of these in destroying his elderly pick-up truck by both shot and track.

And it's all cross marketed with World of Tanks, with clips of the game and a link. People who like watching stuff get shot and blown up like blowing stuff up and shooting, right? Good play for the cross-over audience.

It's worth watching alone for the call he makes to his insurance company at the end.

One thing did irk us though, the drone shot of the Chieftain from above - as a humble PC player in the EU region, we want the damn thing in our game. To one see lined up for a perfect engine deck arty hit did annoy us a bit. Still, it would have immediately caught fire because British, right?



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