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Why Varus has been banned 155 times in 156 games in the LPL so far

Published: 10:16, 07 July 2020
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 League of Legends champion Shen and Varus - infernal skin splash arts
Is lethality Varus back?

League of Legends champion Varus seems to be LPL's most feared pick so far in the Summer split, considering that he holds an unbelievable 99.36 per cent ban rate.

China's League of Legends Pro League (LPL) is probably the strongest region in the world at the moment if we talk about professional League of Legends. Compared to other major leagues, the LPL hosts the by far the largest number of games per split - over 350 games were played in the Spring split.

Even though the LPL is known for its diversity when it comes to draft and off-meta picks, most teams agree upon banning one certain champion every single game.

Out of the 156 games the league's hosted so far, Varus has been banned 155 times which leaves him at a 99.36 per cent ban rate. He survived the draft phase only at one occasion when he was picked by eStar's Wink in their loss against Vici Gaming. This means that he has a 0 per cent win rate with a 100 per cent presence.

The main reason why he's been so popular amongst LPL stars is his unique lethality build. Lethality Varus made a return to the meta at the start of the year thanks to the addition of a new lethality item - Umbral Glaive.

The item is very gold efficient as it gives AD, lethality, and basically the old Duskblade passive, for a price of only 2400 gold. Being this cheap, the item allows its users to hit their first item power spike much earlier than most other AD carries who rush Infinity Edge or Blade of the Ruined King.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Varus - splash art Varus is still at 0 per cent win rate

Another reason why he's so high up on the priority list is the fact that he has incredible poke potential with his Piercing Arrow (Q). This allows his team to siege for him while he pokes the enemy's squishy targets from miles away.

His overall performance in the LPL peaked in the Spring playoffs where he averaged a 71.4 per cent win rate with a 4.9 KDA. This was probably the point when most teams realized how overpowered he is when played properly.

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