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Why Elden Ring is the game that I am most excited about

Published: 10:29, 22 June 2020
Updated: 11:41, 22 June 2020
From Software
screenshot from elden ring showing a red hair female warrior
Elden Ring

Don't let the headline fool you. Yes, there's a lot of Elden Ring in this piece you are about to read but there's a lot more Dark Souls 3, which is why I'm excited about Mr Miyazaki's next masterpiece.

For someone who beat The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt five times you would probably assume that Cyberpunk 2077 is hands down, the number one title on my "can't wait to play this" list. Well, you would not be wrong, I was extremely hyped for Cyberpunk 2077 earlier this year but then I decided to dive into the incredible work of Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Bloodborne was my first ever Souls-like game and it's safe to say I didn't have a good time with it. Bloodborne was extremely brutal for my casual, scrub-level skills and while I liked everything that FromSoftware's PS4 exclusive has to offer, I found myself leaving after 10 hours, and I felt bad for doing so.

Sony picture showing charachter from bloodborne walking towards a lighthouse Bloodborne

However, it's gothic-like design, lore and bosses hit me so hard I end up thinking about it all the time. Recently, I returned to it but unfortunately, due to poor technical aspects of the game such as constant FPS dips, I just could not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Dark Souls 3 in 60 FPS.

Despite never really becoming a die-hard, beat them all Soulsborne games fan, I always respected the work of FromSoftware. I respected their gameplay ideas, which are built around punishing combat and never in a million years would I jump on the "Souls-like games need easy mode" bandwagon.

As my intrigue for these games started to grow shortly after the announcement of Elden Ring, I decided to fire up my first ever Dark Souls game - Dark Souls 3. I was in awe of it. I was amazed by every single aspect of this game. I absolutely love it to bits.

Yes, it is punishing and can be time-consuming if you play games to relax after a tough day or just want that feeling of progression even if you just had a quick, 30-minute session. But once you get hold of it, once you start learning what these games are actually about and how rewarding they are if you invest yourself and give your all, Dark Souls 3 becomes a masterpiece and one of the best games I have ever played in my life. Same goes for Bloodborne. 

From Software Elden Ring
Elden Ring

While I was playing Dark Souls 3, I was simply flabbergasted by its combat. It's hands down the best of everything I have ever played before. And while from time to time, I love to play button smashers like Devil May Cry and have absolutely nothing against this type of gameplay, the technical, skill-based combat in FromSoftware games makes the boss-slaying an extraordinarily fulfilling experience.

And that's why I'm so excited to see more Elden Ring content. FromSoftware's upcoming game, which has been created by Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin, promises to be everything I loved about Dark Souls 3 and more. 

For the first time ever, FromSoftware are going for open-world design but with all those Metroidvania-style levels, multi-layered castles, secret shortcuts and badass bosses we love from previous games. It just can't contain my hype for Elden Ring even though we are yet to see a single second of gameplay.

AltChar Dark Souls 3 screenshot showing a gothic city Dark Souls 3 - Gorgeous, isn't it?

I just cannot wait to see what type of monstrosities are awaiting us in Elden Ring's eerie but stunning locations. I just cannot wait to experience my first Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight in Elden Ring where I will be stuck for hours, learning how to parry properly.

Remember that feeling when you beat High Lord Wolnir for the first time (he was easy, even for a scrub like myself) and climbed up the stairs to witness the great city of Irithyll, covered in moonlight and flurries of snow? All I can say is, this is something that makes me feel a certain type of way. I sure hope Elden Ring manages to evoke those very same feelings in me. Here's to hoping!

Elden Ring - an action RPG by George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware

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Elden Ring
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