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CD Projekt Red's new game will go beyond gamers' expectations

Published: 14:16, 27 March 2019
CD Projekt Red
The Witcher

CD Projekt Red have talked about their new, yet unannounced and unnamed project that is scheduled to release after Cyberpunk 2077. The new game is currently in development and the studio aims to deliver a game beyond gamers' expectations.

CD Projekt Red's financial call was the place for all sorts of new details about existing, upcoming, and yet unannounced games from Polish developer.

Earlier this month, CD Projekt Red reiterated their commitment to release another AAA title by 2021, and on their financial call, they confirmed that once again, but also shared some fresh details about their mysterious project.

According to CD Projekt Red President, Adam Kicinski the work on the second project is currently ongoing and the development team that's working on the game is currently smaller than Cyberpunk 2077's.

"The project is underway, our strategy has been announced three years ago and we're continuing to reevaluate the situation aiming at products that will meet gamers' expectation or go beyond gamers' expectation," Adam explained.

Kicinski said that it's a completely new game, not a port or remake of any sort, however, he also said that people should not start speculations or draw conclusions about what kind of game this is going to be just yet. The studio plan to reveal more information after they release Cyberpunk 2077 as sci-fi shooter RPG is their biggest focus at the moment.

Those who are hoping that the next game could be The Witcher 4 may be disappointed as Kicinski said that the project will be "top quality" but probably won't be as big as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Cyberpunk 2077 in terms of budget and team size.

When asked about E3 and if the world's biggest gaming expo is the "good moment" where they could reveal the release date for Cyberpunk 2077, Kicinski said that CD Projekt Red certainly see E3 as a place where "big announcements of big launches" are made.

CDPR Cyberpunk 2077 character leaning on future care looking on sci-fi city Cyberpunk 2077

And if you hoped that Lady Gaga or another pop star could appear at CD Projekt Red's showcase on E3 2019, Kicinski confirmed that no pop artists will perform on their show, but there will be some surprises.

You can check CD Projekt Red's financial call on , and find more details about Cyberpunk 2077 .

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, An Iconic RPG by CD Projekt Red

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