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We Happy Few was removed from Steam for review bombing

Published: 18:40, 20 August 2018
Compulsion Games
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We Happy Few

Speaking in a recent AMA on reddit, We Happy Few producer Sam Abbott revealed that issues plaguing their game are more frequent on PlayStation 4 than on PC, even though neither are really free of bugs. Nevertheless, this may change soon.

As Abbott himself was made to reiterate on more than several occasions, it turns out that We Happy Few's requirements turned out to be too much for PlayStation 4 to handle. More specifically, it is the streaming systems between the console's GPU and hard disk that Compulsion found troublesome.

We Happy Few's PC version runs fine for the most part, which doesn't mean it's free of bugs, However, they're much less frequent and most certainly not game breaking, which as Abbott noted Compulsion are pretty proud about. Note that this goes for both platforms, not just the PC one.

PlayStation 4 players have had to endure the nasty corrupt save bug as well but unfortunately, this is the good news-bad news situation. The good news is that the bug will be fixed. The bad news is that if you've already finished a chunk of the game and your save is dead, you'll have to fire up We Happy Few again from the start. Unless of course you're a diligent little saver and keep a few of them rolling.

Interestingly enough, Abbott revealed that We Happy Few was at one point taken down from Steam due to incessant review bombing which criticised the dev for pricing the base game at $60 and "because f*** Gearbox". He maintains that Gearbox Publishing's assistance has been key in delivering We Happy Few, especially for PlayStation 4 and that they deserve none of the hate directed at them.

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I've got to admit that is a pretty good read, not least for delving deeper into We Happy Few's path. The version of the game that eventually launched is nowhere near the Early Access version and the team grew from six people to 35. Having been a survival game with "light story elements", the game has practically been turned on its head. And we must admit, we don't mind it one bit.

We Happy Few, where Clockwork Orange meets Orwell's 1984

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