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Vanquish is coming to PC

Published: 15:52, 10 May 2017
Platinum Games

Sega and Platinum Games are bringing Vanquish to PC. The shooter was teased during the past months, ever since Bayonetta made her way onto the platform.

Less than a month ago, an for Bayonetta was released, and the "extras" folder contained an icon of Sam Gideon. Today we know that Vanquish coming to PC is like bumping nasties on prom night - definitely happening. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners had their fun, now its time for the PC gamers to get a piece of the fast - moving action.

Vanquish is available for pre-order right now, and it will become available on 25 May. For £14.99, you'll get the Digital Deluxe Edition, and that includes a 5 track soundtrack sampler, character and enemy avatars, an art book and exclusive wallpapers. Let's face it you can live without all those things, you just want to play the game. But there's a but. 

Platinum Games Vanquish Vanquish

If you purchased Bayonetta last month, you'll get a 25 percent discount on your Vanquish pre-order. Now that's something. 

Vanquish first came out in 2010, and the PC version will boast 4K support, "extensive graphics options", full keyboard and mouse support, and "an unlocked framerate." All of the frames you want. All of them.

The announcement also spoke of “anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, SSAO lighting, scalable texture and shadow quality,”. Steam’s achievements, cloud saving, trading cards, leaderboards and Big Picture Mode are also going to be supported. 

Platinum Games Vanquish Vanquish

It's very likely that we'll see more of our old favourites get a PC treatment. SEGA's John Clark said: "It was great to see the positive response from our community to the Bayonetta PC launch last month, and we are pleased that we are in a position to be able to announce Vanquish, another of our highly requested back catalogue titles,”

He added that: “There’s more to come from Sega in this space, so stay tuned for further announcements.” 

To pre-purchase the game, go to .

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