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Vanquish is coming to Steam

Published: 19:15, 24 April 2017
Updated: 19:23, 24 April 2017
Platinum Games

Platinum Games might be sending another one of their games over to the good ol' PC. Next up, Vanquish. While not yet confirmed, some clues are there.

If you're jonesing for some Russian robot fighting action, Platinum Games may have your back. Developers of Bayonetta recently teased the 8-bit version of the witch on  day, only to have the full game out on Steam just ten days later. Platinum games and Sega released a polished Bayonetta with 60fps which runs in 4K, and it's available on for £15.

Platinum Games Vanquish Vanquish

We're getting to the Vanquish part, hold on. An update for Bayonetta rolled out today and the "extras" folder contained a familiar face, drum roll please: an avatar of the one and only, Sam Gideon. Seems like Vanquish is also making its way to PC. The tease is, admittedly, much better hidden than the Bayonetta one, but they couldn't just go out and make an 8-bit version of Vanquish. Too obvious. 

Here are the facts: Bayonetta got an update, and the avatar of Sam Gideon had no business in her "extras" folder. Keep it PG, people. So the Internet will, understandably, freak right out and hit that refresh button over the next couple of days until they get the news on weather or not this is really happening.

Maybe a countdown is in order?

Platinum Games Vanquish Vanquish

Vanquish was originally released back in 2010. It's a fast - paced third person shooter with highly polished combat system, visuals and gameplay. Plot and dialogue are this game's weak points but you'll come for the shooting and stay for, well shooting, it's what you came for man.

Vanquish might soon be getting a second wind on the PC, and if you listen really carefully, you can hear the clicks already hard at work refreshing the game's  .

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