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Valve release Steam Labs, a pile of experiments for Steam

Published: 13:40, 12 July 2019
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Valve recently released Steam Labs that features three visibility experiments with possibly more on the way, depending on how current ones fare. The experiments in question are Micro Trailers, Interactive Recommender and Automatic Show.

One of the most common criticisms Valve see, aside from complacency, is the fact that many games can't get enough of a spotlight under the horde of other games that are being published on Steam.

It seems like Gaben & Co. are attempting to tone down this issue by introducing Steam Labs, a series of experiments that were previously unavailable to the public.

Currently, the three available experiments are Micro Trailers, Interactive Recommender and Automatic Show.

Micro Trailers is exactly what the name suggests - tiny trailers that were cramped into a six-second window so players can wade through as many as possible in a really short time frame. It lets users choose a section based on tags, such as Roguelike, Dragons or Popular New Games.

Steam then filters games and provides an extended list of thumbnails you can hover your mouse over in order to see snippets of gameplay or possibly marketing material such as high review scores. You can check the feature out .

Interactive Recommender will filter games in a way to show you more of those that would possibly fit your taste, based on your library. It embraces machine learning, which probably means it will not put much of an emphasis on games you didn't play or barely ever launched. We all know we got such games in our libraries. Thanks for that 95 per cent off Gaben.

Warner Bros Agent 47, Hitman 2's protagonist following a person Hitman 2, Agent 47 looking sharp

is perhaps the most interesting since it takes a bunch fo Micro Trailers, mashes them together into six-second snippets and presents them all in a show that lasts about half an hour.

If that machine learning is real, it has a lot to learn because it marked Hitman 2 and some game filled with anime butts and breasts as Strategy games.

You will need to log in so Steam can scan your library if you want to use Interactive Recommender but the other two experiments are working without the need to do so.

Hitman 2, stealth shooter by IO Interactive and Warner Bros

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Hitman 2

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